The Hands-On Ranch Book

How to Tie a Knot, Start a Garden, Saddle a Horse, and Everything Else People Used to Know How to Do

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There really isn't a more satisfying feeling than being capable and knowledgeable in a situation where we need to make decisions and solve problems. Now you and your children can learn exciting, useful life skills with the help of the modern-day ranch family at Five Marys Farms! Filled with clear instructions and helpful illustrations, The Hands-On Ranch Book shows your kids--and you--how to

· start and tend a productive garden
· make bread, maple syrup, candles, and dyes
· tie useful knots
· take care of horses, chickens, and other livestock
· turn your talents into a home business
· and so much more

Parents will love how The Hands-On Ranch Book encourages their kids to get outside and try new things. Kids will love getting their hands dirty as they observe, create, and share their new skills with others. This book is fun and educational for the whole family, including homeschoolers, homesteaders, and anyone who wishes their life was a little more tied to the land.

The Author

  1. Mary Heffernan
    Della Hayden

    Mary Heffernan

    Mary Heffernan and her husband, Brian, left behind the busy life they'd built in Silicon Valley to become cattle ranchers with their four young daughters--all named Mary. Together they own and operate Five Marys Farms, an 1,800-acre ranch in the mountains of...

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