The Gospel-Driven Life

Being Good News People in a Bad News World

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In his well-received Christless Christianity Michael Horton offered a prophetic wake-up call for a self-centered American church. With The Gospel-Driven Life he turns from the crisis to the solutions, offering his recommendations for a new reformation in the faith, practice, and witness of contemporary Christianity. This insightful book will guide readers in reorienting their faith and the church's purpose toward the good news of the gospel. The first six chapters explore that breaking news from heaven, while the rest of the book focuses on the kind of community that the gospel generates and the surprising ways in which God is at work in the world. Here is fresh news for Christians who are burned out on hype and are looking for hope.


"In this timely and refreshing work Michael Horton invites Christians to step off the law treadmills that we have fashioned and to rest fully in the gospel which announces what God has graciously granted in the person and work of his son, Jesus Christ our Savior. With pastoral compassion and theological precision Horton shows that power for godly living has been granted in the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. This is not only a must-read; it is a treasure map that leads away from itself to the gospel."--Ken Jones, pastor, Greater Union Baptist Church, Compton, California

"Like the men of Issachar, Michael Horton is one who understands the time. In Christless Christianity, Horton diagnosed the evangelical dilemma. In The Gospel-Driven Life he provides the solution. More than a fad, a twelve step program, or a forty day challenge, Horton reminds us that the gospel is the every day brick and mortar of a life built on the promise of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Before you read another book, read this one." -Anthony Carter, lead pastor, East Point Church (GA), and author of On Being Black and Reformed

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  1. Michael Horton

    Michael Horton

    Michael Horton (PhD, University of Coventry and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford) is J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California. He hosts The White Horse Inn radio broadcast and is editor-in-chief of Modern...

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"The Gospel-Driven Life is a powerful reminder of the centrality of the gospel and of our need to be shaped by the finished work of Christ."