The God Shot

100 Snapshots of God's Character in Scripture

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See a Clearer Picture of Who God Really Is

Scripture is meant to reveal God to us, but sometimes it's hard for us to see Him there. What if all you needed was a new lens?

We often look to the Bible for advice on how to live, but when that becomes our focus, it's easy to miss the point of Scripture: to reveal God and His character to us. What does He want to tell us about Himself?

He describes Himself as the God of peace. The God who protects. The God of joy. These are truths we can lean on every day of our lives, but we miss the beautiful attributes of God when we look for only ourselves in our Bibles.

In this 100-day devotional, trusted Bible teacher Tara-Leigh Cobble explores powerful sections from each book of the New Testament. Each day's reading points toward a name or attribute of God from that passage. These snapshots are dense with theological truth, helping you grow in the truth of His character and rest in His goodness and kindness.


"In a world that encourages an 'all about me' mentality, I am so grateful for this devotional that helps us learn all about Him. Let the words on these pages refresh you as you reflect on our great and loving God." 

Esther Fleece Allen, bestselling author of No More Faking Fine and Your New Name 

"Tara-Leigh Cobble's masterful and fresh way of revealing the nuances and meaning of Scripture is nothing short of inspiring. In her latest work, she offers bite-sized wisdom that is like a jolt of spiritual insight that will ignite your passion for learning more about God and being more of who He has called you to be." 

Valorie Burton, CEO of The CaPP Institute

"I am so thankful for this devotional that reveals God's character and love in the most encouraging and understandable way. These snapshots of His attributes and goodness keep me encouraged and in tune with God throughout the day."

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, wellness expert, author, and entrepreneur

"Tara-Leigh has done it again. A perfect balance of theology and practicality. Her whimsical, daily approach to experiencing the Scriptures draws me into the larger unified story of the Bible. A wonderful daily companion."

Michael Dean McDonald, chief global focus officer for BibleProject

"You'd be hard-pressed to find someone more capable than TLC to explain Scripture in a way that's meaningful, impactful, and relevant for today. I've grown so much in my faith journey because of her Spirit-inspired work!"

Paula Faris, journalist, founder of CARRY Media™, and author

"With fist-pounding passion and clarity, this devotional will nail the truth of God's love to your heart. I urge you to listen up. A new way of life is possible--starting now!"

Rashawn Copeland, founder of Blessed Media and author of Start Where You Are and No Turning Back 

"Tara-Leigh has taken the time to dive deep into the depths of God's Word and draw out nuggets of wisdom. The insight she shares brings joyful understanding of the riches of God's character."

Lauren Green McAfee, corporate ambassador for Hobby Lobby and author of Only One Life and Not What You Think

"'He's where the joy is.' This statement is an engine that drives the purpose for which we were all made. Tara-Leigh Cobble not only expounds upon this concept through The God Shot, but she authentically embodies it in her own life. This book is fuel for the engine of your joy in God!" 

Lee McDerment, pastor of prayer, prophecy, and preaching at NewSpring Church

"The God Shot is a blessing to our listeners on KSBJ Houston and the WayFM network. Hearing Tara-Leigh on the air with related content shows how gifted, yet approachable, she is at teaching God's Word. These printed glimpses of His character are wonderful reminders that 'He's where the joy is.'"

Tim Dukes, chief operating officer of Hope Media Group

"Tara-Leigh Cobble has a gift for communicating timeless biblical truths in a timely method, and this book is a perfect example. The God Shot gives you a handle on a better understanding of God's character--taking truths that are eternally valuable and making them immediately practical."

Brad Cooper, lead pastor of NewSpring Church

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    Tara-Leigh Cobble

    Tara-Leigh Cobble is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, creator of The Bible Recap line of books, and the creator and host of the daily podcast The Bible Recap, which has garnered over 300 million downloads. She is also the founder...

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