The Gathering Table

Growing Strong Relationships through Food, Faith, and Hospitality

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"The Gathering Table feels like a heart-to-heart visit with new friends. These women treasure community. As you try their recipes and read their insights, you'll be encouraged to connect in whatever way you can with the women in your life and find ways for your friendships to grow."--Robin Jones Gunn, bestselling author of Becoming Us


We are all hungry for meaningful connection, but most of us don't have the time to cook complicated meals or plan big gatherings. What we need are simple, delicious recipes and easy, doable ideas for getting together with friends and family. Thankfully, that's just what the five women of The Gingham Apron deliver.

Filled with beautiful photography and inspirational writing, The Gathering Table follows this Iowa farm family through a year of gatherings that strengthen relationships, establish and deepen family traditions, and showcase God's gift of great food.

With complete menus, easy-to-follow recipes, devotional readings, prayers, and plenty of inspiring and customizable ideas for everything from intimate family gatherings to larger community events, this book will become your go-to resource for entertaining and enjoying life--together!

The Gingham Apron is five women from one Midwest farm family whose passion is cultivating relationships in their everyday lives. With their strong faith and values, they promote hospitality as a catalyst for sharing God's love with others. Each having unique backgrounds and interests, these women offer a variety of ways to embrace and celebrate each upcoming season of life. Their desire is to motivate you to delightfully gather and strengthen relationships with those in your life. Find inspiration on their lifestyle and food blog,


"The Gathering Table feels like a heart-to-heart visit with new friends. These women treasure community. As you try their recipes and read their insights, you'll be encouraged to connect in whatever way you can with the women in your life and find ways for your friendships to grow."

Robin Jones Gunn, bestselling author of Becoming Us in the Haven Makers series and the Father Christmas novels that inspired three Hallmark movies

"A hospitality handbook encouraging you to wholeheartedly welcome others to join you at your table. The Gingham Apron ladies demonstrate how to share the depth of our lives through gathering together. Their seasonal themed recipes, intentional applications, and meaningful traditions will inspire you to spend more time connecting and celebrating!"

Morgan Tyree, organizing expert, author of Take Back Your Time and Your Hospitality Personality, and founder of

"I have long followed and loved the work and hearts of the Gingham Apron girls, and I am thrilled they have captured the unfettered joy of their lives in this book. The recipes are vibrant and delicious, simple enough to tackle for dinner at home but equally perfect when we open our doors and set the table for a crowd. The accompanying stories and stunning photography make this the perfect addition to every cookbook shelf. The Gathering Table will be a beloved, dog-eared treasure for families looking to make their homes places where dear ones feel welcomed, seen, and deeply loved."

Kimberly Stuart, author of eight novels, including the Heidi Elliot series and Heart Land

"It's so easy to zip through life and forget to be intentional about quality family time. The Gathering Table is a beautiful collection of inspiring stories, lovely photographs, Bible truths, and recipes that help me remember why I want to gather my people around the table. This book is the reminder we all need in this fast-paced, busy world. It's a breath of fresh air for the soul."

Micah Maddox, women's event speaker and author of Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World

"Love should be the heartbeat of any get-together. The Gathering Table guides us by using remarkable stories, exquisite photos, and superb recipes that help us share the love of Christ with others. Hospitality is a powerful tool to further the gospel, and you will be inspired with each turn of the page."

Brenda Leavenworth, author of Far Above Rubies

"In The Gathering Table, the ladies of the Gingham Apron make readers feel they have taken a quick trip to Iowa and spent time on the farm talking about Jesus, the importance of relationships, and Grandma Betty's Key Lime Pie. This book calls us to linger together with good food and a great God."

Amy L. Sullivan, author of the picture book series Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World

"Why do we consistently overlook one of the simplest pleasures--to linger, savor, and enjoy our time at the table? Throughout Scripture, we see the practice of breaking bread together and setting apart gathering at the table as distinct markers in kingdom building. Through heartfelt stories, practical examples, and delicious recipes that will make any gathering feel extra special, the Gingham Apron ladies unpack the critical importance of table fellowship in The Gathering Table. With so many great ideas, you'll be offering invitations before the end of the first chapter."

Jen Schmidt, author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, host of The Becoming Conference, and founder of the Balancing Beauty and Bedlam blog

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