The Five Marks of a Man Tactical Guide

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There are 45-year-old boys and 15-year-old men. What separates them isn't age, job status, or achievement. It's something deeper and more ancient.

The life of every man that matters has been defined by the five marks of a man. This tactical guide is designed to call out, develop, and grow these marks in your own life.

This isn't a book--it's a tool. It's not something you read; it's something you use to build a life that works. Each section focuses on one of the five marks, offering challenges, projects, and plans to put them into action. You're going to get your hands dirty. You're going to be in uncomfortable situations. You're going to be pushed. And you're going to grow because of it.

This isn't your grandma's fill-in-the-blank Bible study because you aren't a grandma. No one accidentally falls into a life of meaning--a life of meaning is built, intentional choice by intentional choice.

Men rise to meet challenges. Now is your time. The question is: will you?

The Author

  1. Brian Tome
    Jonathan Willis

    Brian Tome

    Brian Tome has been leading men for over two decades. Whether it's on an adventure motorcycle over the Rockies or in a boardroom, he knows the power of challenge, brotherhood, and no-nonsense leadership. Brian is a builder who founded and leads Crossroads...

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