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The Face of New Testament Studies

A Survey of Recent Research

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"This excellent collection by a first-rate team of experts successfully orients readers to most of the major questions of the day. Although designed for students, it will also prove useful to scholars."--Dale C. Allison, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

The Face of New Testament Studies brings together New Testament experts, including James D. G. Dunn, Bruce Chilton, David deSilva, Craig Evans, Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Sean Freyne, and Donald Hagner, to track developments in their particular fields of research and to explain why those developments are important. The twenty-two contributors survey recent research into the historical, social, and literary contexts of the New Testament, recent advances in textual criticism and Greek grammar, and current issues in the interpretation of each New Testament book.

This book will be a timely reference for students and scholars of the New Testament as well as for pastors and interested readers who want to bring their awareness of New Testament studies up to date. 


"McKnight and Osborne have prepared a very useful collection of essays by several leading biblical scholars on some of the most recent developments and trends in biblical scholarship. The range of these essays is impressive for both depth and readability. Most of the contributors are well known in their respective fields for their careful, critical scholarship and for their careful attention to the faith dimensions of their subject matter. Their contributions to this volume are of the same quality, care, and sensitivity. This excellent introduction to several important and often highly complex issues demonstrates the value of context for understanding the New Testament. Theological students, pastors, and most professors of biblical studies will profit from careful reading of this volume. The essays are well researched, relevant, and readable. I highly recommend this volume."--Lee M. McDonald, Acadia Divinity College

"This survey of recent New Testament research is very useful, giving an excellent overview of the development of scholarly New Testament work within the last decades, especially in the English-speaking world. It shows ways of sober and convincing exegesis but also warns of dangers like fashion, fancy, fundamentalism, and hypercriticism. The interested reader will receive plenty of valuable information."--Martin Hengel, University of Tübingen

"This excellent collection by a first-rate team of experts successfully orients readers to most of the major questions of the day. Although designed for students, it will also prove useful to scholars desirous of learning what has been going on outside their own narrow areas of specialization."--Dale C. Allison, Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

"Discouraged over knowing more and more about less and less? Overwhelmed by the deluge of books and articles, all of which you should read but most of which you know you never will--even though they fall within your field of interest? If so, buy this book. It will tell you what's happening in those innumerable other books and articles, and its authors form an all-star cast in their specialties. These essays are excellent for your education, both initial and continuing, in scholarly study of the New Testament."--Robert H. Gundry, Westmont College

"This book is a gold mine of up-to-date information on what is going on in current New Testament scholarship. Methods and specialization have proliferated to the point where pastors, students, and even professors are at a loss to keep abreast of the entire field. In twenty-two chapters, members of this international group of scholars provide fresh overviews of their areas of expertise. Written in a lucid, accessible style, this book will handsomely repay every reader."--Jack Dean Kingsbury, Aubrey Lee Brooks Professor Emeritus of Biblical Theology, Union Theological Seminary, Virginia

The Authors

  1. Scot McKnight
    Marcus Emerson

    Scot McKnight

    Scot McKnight (PhD, University of Nottingham), a world-renowned scholar, writer, and speaker, is a visiting professor at Houston Theological Seminary and Westminster Theological Centre, United Kingdom. He is the author, coauthor, or editor of more than...

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  2. Grant R. Osborne

    Grant R. Osborne

    Grant R. Osborne (1942-2018; PhD, University of Aberdeen) was professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In addition to Revelation, he wrote commentaries on Matthew, Mark, John, and Romans and a textbook on hermeneutics. He also served...

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"Here is an extremely valuable tool for students (and scholars) of the New Testament. . . . A most informative guide to contemporary New Testament scholarship. . . . [This volume] goes a long way to giving the individual student of the New Testament a fighting chance to get the lay of the land."--Bible Today

"The many subdisciplines [of New Testament studies] have taken on lives of their own, with remarkable detail and expansion. Scholars and students had been left without a convenient overview of this growing family. This book fills that gap. . . . Many of the essays have abundant footnotes that guide readers through the extensive literature in the field. . . . Being nontechnical and accessible, they will assist students in gaining a perspective on the various areas of New Testament studies. . . . Valuable for all libraries supporting religious studies and history. . . . Recommended."--P. K. Moser, Choice

"All the essays give one much to consider. Each is packed tight with information, questions and cross-references. Views of theologians of many different nationalities are included. I really enjoyed reading this collection. The book could be a good Christmas present for a theological student or your minister."--Barbara Huntley, Methodist Recorder

"The greatest strength of the volume, apart from some very competent summaries of scholarly debates and trends, is the ample bibliographic information provided in the footnotes. Readers seeking an accessible gateway to bibliographic information for a particular subfield (e.g., doctoral students in the early stages of research or scholars venturing outside of their normal specialty) will find the book well worth its price. Indeed, all serious readers of the NT will find something of value here."--Michael Barram, Catholic Biblical Quarterly

"This collection of scholarly articles gives the serious student an overview of the advances in New Testament research in the past few decades."--Christian Chronicle

"This collection of essays provides valuable orientations to entire fields of study by experienced and capable scholars, offering insight into methodological and theological issues. For the busy student, pastor, or scholar, this book is a worthwhile investment to get up to speed on areas outside their expertise. In an age of ever increasing specialization, a book such as this that provides both breadth and depth is a welcome contribution."--Daniel M. Gurtner, Ashland Theological Journal

"McKnight and Osborne have gathered a wide array of talent and views in order to bring together a resource which grants a glimpse into the current state of NT scholarship. . . . These are well-written and thoroughly researched essays, and the footnotes alone are worth the price of the book. . . . This work is highly recommended for anyone from an advanced college student in NT studies to someone who has taught at a seminary for twenty years."--Ron C. Fay, Trinity Journal

"This survey is an invaluable resource, an encyclopedic gold mine, for both students and scholars of the New Testament alike. . . . There are giants here among the contributors who have each themselves published massive volumes on their particular text or topic. . . . Well worth the price. This is a book that should be in every college, university and seminary library."--Barbara E. Bowe, RSCJ, Catholic Library World

"An excellent resource for the biblical studies student and will be for years to come. . . . The book as a whole does a very good job of describing the modern milieu of New Testament studies. . . . Those interested in a serious overview of the contours of biblical studies should get this volume. I have a feeling I will be referencing it often."--Scott Kellum, Faith & Mission

"With the publishing explosion in biblical studies and the resultant difficulty of simply keeping up, a book like this one is very welcome. It is welcome and useful because it not only provides an update on the state of academic research but even more so because the editors have managed to recruit leading scholars to produce the essays. . . . It gives a good overview of 22 important areas of New Testament research. . . . Students and scholars will find this a very useful book. . . . The goal is not to cover everything, but to cover much well. In this goal the editors have succeeded."--Ray van Neste, Themelios

"Each essay is a balanced summary of the current state of research. They do provide what they claim: ''macroscopic' overviews of the field.' Some essays do emphasize 'the contribution of evangelical scholarship,' but this is not overly done. A helpful volume for anyone who is looking for a good guide to the essential issues and literature of NT studies."--Fred W. Burnett, Religious Studies Review

"Scholars contributing to the book are evangelical in perspective and highly respected in their fields of study. . . . Each contributor describes the developments in their area in a clear and understandable manner. They also provide a wealth of footnotes, which point to additional resources for study. Additionally, the work contains substantial subject and author indexes. Those who would benefit from this book include not only religion professors, but also pastors, seminary students, upper-level college students and others interested in the field. Highly recommended for academic libraries."--John Jaeger, Christian Librarian