The Evangelical's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Scriptural Insights and Practical Instruction on Facing the Enemy

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Are you aware of the spiritual battle being waged around you today?

The truth is that although spiritual warfare is a major theme in the Bible, many of us gloss over it--or ignore it completely. But 80 percent of the synoptic gospels addresses the battle with evil spirits, and Jesus and His disciples set a clear example for believers. We cannot afford to practice a powerless Christianity in a fallen world.

In this essential, accessible resource, former evangelical seminary professor and missionary Charles Kraft helps you find your footing in the spiritual battle. Based on a solid biblical foundation and on decades of ministry experience, this book will help you:

· Differentiate between myths and truths about spiritual warfare
· Recognize the everyday battles taking place around you
· Learn what demons really are and what they actually do
· Understand the rules for engaging the enemy
· Achieve victory in daily battles with the help of the Holy Spirit

Don't let fear keep you from engaging the spiritual forces at work around you. Some problems can't be overcome in any other way.


Charles Kraft has written an informative, practical and timely book on spiritual warfare. I appreciate his humble approach in offering his insights. What he has to say will certainly help many, especially those in ministry who seek greater effectiveness in helping their congregations find spiritual freedom and healing.

Francis Frangipane, Advancing Church Ministries

There is no evangelical on the planet with a deeper insight into demonic activity or personal experience with deliverance from evil spirits. This book by Charles Kraft is a must-read for anyone in spiritual warfare.

Larry Richards, speaker; author, The Full Armor of God, Spiritual Warfare Jesus' Way and many more

Dr. Kraft has removed the veil of mystery that has surrounded deliverance ministry for far too long. With truth and honesty, he has opened the door to the evangelical community and given us the tools to set the captives free.

Tim Howard, president and founder, Wellsprings of Freedom International

For more than thirty years now, Dr. Charles Kraft has been studying and writing about spiritual warfare. In this latest book, Dr. Kraft summarizes his findings and shares from his years of experience his approach to inner healing and deliverance ministries. This book needs to be read by every student studying spiritual formation, by every missiologist engaged in missionary activities and by every pastor and church worker committed to making healthy disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Douglas Hayward, department chair, Graduate Intercultural Studies, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Biola University

Personally awakened to the spiritual nature of our Christian faith, Charles Kraft calls us to wake up as well. This book is a must-read for any who seek to understand God's work in the world today from the vantage point of an evangelical who daily engages in spiritual warfare.

Scott Moreau, professor of intercultural studies, Wheaton College Graduate School

Most Christians are blind to the spiritual realities around us. This book pulls back the veil into the unseen world, where there is a battle. This book will quickly become a classic. Charles is steeped in wisdom in the area of spiritual warfare and has dedicated his life to bringing restoration to the church.

Judith MacNutt, M.A., president and co-founder, Christian Healing Ministries

Charles Kraft has taken a topic that is still controversial among some in the body of Christ--spiritual warfare--and boiled it down to something we can all agree on: There is an enemy countering expressions of God's love in the lives of believers and lost souls alike that we must combat.

Jennifer LeClaire, senior editor at Charisma magazine and director of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale

Again, Chuck Kraft has reminded us that 'we are at war with a cruel enemy.' This guide to the warfare reflects Dr. Kraft's passion for God's people to experience the full measure of the Father's love. His writing is grace-filled, balanced, thoughtful and practical.

John Shultz, Ph.D., president, Ashland Theogical Seminary

Chuck Kraft has done it yet again. He has written a book on spiritual warfare that challenges us to rethink theologically and reengage practically. Kraft tethers his insights to Scripture and his own extensive experience with deep healing and deliverance, providing a valuable resource for both academy and congregation. Clearly this is not simply another book on evil supernaturalism, but instead a well-developed manual for spiritual warfare.

Terry Wardle, professor of practical theology, Ashland Theogical Seminary

Kraft offers an incredibly important resource for all who desire to engage in spiritual warfare. His training in missions, theology and cultural anthropology make him uniquely qualified to write on this topic. His practical experience gives him expert status. Once again he is on the cutting edge. I plan to use this book in my courses.

Bill Payne, Ph.D., professor of evangelism and world missions, director of chaplaincy studies, Ashland Theological Seminary

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    Charles H. Kraft

    Charles H. (Chuck) Kraft ( is retired from the faculty of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary (formerly the School of World Mission) after 40 years as professor of anthropology and intercultural communication. He...

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