The Essential Guide to the Prophetic

How to Hear the Voice of God

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"A revelatory A-to-Z teaching on the prophetic gift."--Dr. James W. Goll

For more than four decades Cindy Jacobs has delivered penetrating, accurate prophetic words to the Church. Now she delivers a powerful, practical, and hands-on training resource for this much-needed spiritual gift. Discover how to hear God's words correctly and accurately, how to follow the protocols--and avoid the pitfalls--of delivering a prophetic word, and how to use your gift with wisdom, maturity, and love. You will be challenged, changed, and ready to become a resilient, life-giving conduit of God's transforming love.

"I encourage you to study this book, learn how to exercise your gift, and become an integral part of God's solution to healing our world."-- Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president, NHCLC; author, Persevere with Power

"The Holy Spirit will leap off the page to quicken the essentials for hearing the voice of God in your life."--Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president, Global Spheres and Glory of Zion International Ministries


"The general has done it again! Cindy Jacobs was born to be a pioneer, a forerunner, and to lead the way so that other believers could cross over into the fullness of their destiny. . . . Two things I love most about The Essential Guide to the Prophetic are the application section at the end of each chapter and how Cindy always insists on developing character to carry the gift. The only thing I can add to this essential prophetic manual is a loud AMEN! Well done, good, and faithful steward. The next generation will be richly blessed!"

James W. Goll, founder, God Encounters Ministries and GOLL Ideations

"This is an absolutely wonderful book! Seriously. It just might become the handbook of a generation that is called to bring the word of the Lord into the darkest places of earth. The word of the Lord is what sets people free. When I think of a seasoned prophet, I think of Cindy Jacobs. And through all the fires of difficulty she has experienced in her lifetime, she stands strong, with an absolute confidence in the goodness of God. From that place of assurance, she gives us a profoundly practical guide to the prophetic, which is perfectly fit for every believer. Please prayerfully devour this book."

Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, Open Heavens and Born for Significance

"The voice of God is our inheritance. Sadly, for many, the prophetic has become a minefield of neglect, confusion, abuse, and bad doctrine. I cannot think of anyone better than Cindy Jacobs to mentor a generation in the essentials of the prophetic. Her prophetic gift has provided direction and clarity in the most profound ways. The Essential Guide to the Prophetic is the book we all need. Cindy has the unique anointing to equip and also activate people in this gift with practical and insightful techniques. I have no doubt this book will position you to hear God's voice clearly."

Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor, Jesus Culture

"As a pioneer in the prophetic, there is no better leader to learn from than Cindy Jacobs. Her invaluable mentorship on the topic makes The Essential Guide to the Prophetic a wellspring of revelation and your new go-to resource for prophecy. Prepare to be equipped and trained like never before!"

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, main pastor, King Jesus Ministry, Miami, Florida

"The Essential Guide to the Prophetic is filled with wisdom for the end-time prophetic generation. Young prophets and those mature in their gift will glean from Cindy's teaching and be impacted by her personal journey as a prophet. This handbook is a must-read!"

Jonathan and Sharon Ngai, founders and directors, Radiance International and Hollywood House of Prayer

"I know of no one better qualified to write The Essential Guide to the Prophetic than Cindy Jacobs. She was the most significant prophetic mentor of my life. In this book you have a guide that will enable you to become an incredible prophetic vessel in the earth. The principles and dynamics that are included are keys for any individual to develop the prophetic gift that lies within them."

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president, Glory of Zion International, Kingdom Harvest Alliance, and Global Spheres

"Cindy Jacobs teaches the proper way of exercising the gift she has used publicly during a renowned ministry career that has spanned decades. Prophecy was never intended to be limited to those in the pulpit. It is also for those in the pew. I encourage you to study this book, learn how to exercise your gift, and become an integral part of God's solution to healing our world."

Samuel Rodriguez , lead pastor, New Season Church; president/CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; author, Persevere with Power; executive producer, Breakthrough and Flamin' Hot

"Never has there been a more crucial time to clearly hear the voice of God. Confusion, chaos, and a cacophony of other voices muddy the modern waters of needed direction. Yet heaven has ordained a fresh clarity and a new discernment to weaponize our witness and solidify our faith. Cindy Jacobs has provided a strategic masterpiece and has modeled a keen and healthy biblical ministry of the prophetic. I highly recommend this astounding book."

Sean Smith, co-director, Sean & Christa Smith Ministries; author, Prophetic Evangelism and I Am Your Sign

"Cindy Jacobs clearly articulates the complex topic of prophecy in a way that is approachable, revelatory, and inspiring no matter where you are on your prophetic journey. I would highly recommend this book to anyone hungry to discover the voice of God and grow in their prophetic gifting!"

Kris Vallotton, co-founder, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry; author, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Spirit Wars, Uprising and more; senior associate leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California

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    Cindy Jacobs

    Cindy Jacobs and her husband, Mike, are the founders of Generals International, a worldwide ministry that works to achieve social transformation through intercession and prophetic ministry. She is the author of several bestselling books, and her popular...

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