The Essential Guide to Deliverance

Finding True Freedom in Christ

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Break free from what's holding you back!

Is there a bad habit you or a loved one just can't kick? Do you feel overwhelmed by temptation? Do you experience intense feelings of guilt, shame, road rage, bitterness, unforgiveness, isolation, despair or depression? These feelings may not be coming from you alone; a demon could be at work in your life.

Demons are real--and doing all they can to prevent us from living full, fruitful lives in Jesus. Yet we often miss the small or large ways they harass us, because our view of demonic activity has been shaped by either skepticism or Hollywood sensationalism.

But the Bible shows us differently. With wisdom and insight, bestselling evangelical author Larry Richards mines Scripture, showing how demons can--and do--invade our daily lives. In everyday language, he shows
· what demons are and what they do
· how they can gain access to our lives
· how to tell if a problem is demonic or a natural human struggle
· how to expel evil spirits in the name and power of Jesus

Don't struggle hopelessly. We have access to Jesus' death-defying power to help free ourselves and others from the lies, addictions and persistent problems that oppress us. Learn how to take hold of His freedom today.

Includes an extensive glossary of terms!

The Author

  1. Larry Richards

    Larry Richards

    Larry Richards (1931-2016) held a BA in philosophy from the University of Michigan, a ThM in Christian education from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a PhD in religious education and social psychology from Garrett Biblical Seminary and Northwestern University...

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