The Dynamics of Pastoral Care

series: Ministry Dynamics for a New Century

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In our age of high-powered CEOs, pastors need encouragement in the biblical model of their calling to shepherd the flock of God. In this practical and concise addition to the Ministry Dynamics for a New Century series, David Wiersbe examines the role of shepherd in light of the duties of a pastor.

Through a brief, biblical survey he highlights shepherds such as Abel, Moses, David, and Jesus, and underscores the vulnerable nature of sheep. Then he applies the principles of shepherding to the tasks of a pastor--building relationships, earning trust, listening, visiting, leading worship, and prayer.

For those wanting to provide quality shepherding care to God's people, this book offers helpful insight.

The Author

  1. David W. Wiersbe

    David W. Wiersbe

    David W. Wiersbe has been a pastor for over thirty years and is currently serving his fourth church. He considers ministry to the grieving to be an important part of his calling and has worked with fire and rescue units, as well as local support groups for the...

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"Encompassing more than just the arena of pastoral care and visitation, this book is a helpful 'big picture' snapshot of the call and diverse responsibilities of the church pastor."--Ministries Today (July/August 2000)