The Divine Embrace

Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life

series: Ancient-Future

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Learn to live out true Christian spirituality in today's world

In The Divine Embrace, part of his acclaimed Ancient-Future series, Robert Webber lays the foundation for understanding Christian spirituality by tracing it from the ancient church to the present, showing how biblical teaching has been developed theologically and  informed by changes in culture. He then explores how we can return contemporary spirituality to its biblical source, living out God's story in our individual lives and in our life together as the church. You will be encouraged and equipped to live out your spirituality as a deeper and more delightful response to God's divine embrace.


"Robert Webber's new book places him in the good company of Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, and Eugene Peterson as one of our most important thinkers about spiritual formation for authentic Christian living. It provides fresh, wise, and challenging guidance that is rooted in a career of Christian leadership development. It draws from decades of research in church history and spirituality, and flows from the mind of a scholar and the heart of a practitioner. I am a fan of all his work, but I think this is his best and most important book to date."--Brian McLaren, author/speaker (

"Do not read this book alone! Bob Webber is right: Authentic Christian spirituality is a shared response of believers to God's actions on our behalf. Get your small group, Sunday school class, or church to study this challenging message together."--David Neff, editor, Christianity Today magazine

"'Spirituality' is too often a code word for the individualism of make-your-own religion. In The Divine Embrace, Robert Webber--one of our most trusted voices on worship and discipleship--takes spirituality out of the closet of privacy and individualism and locates it smack in the middle of friendship and community. By inviting us to see spirituality as living out God's story, Webber reminds us that this isn't something we can do alone. It is a gift to be received, and then shared. A wonderful, unique vision that cuts across the grain of the 'spirituality industry.'"--James K.A. Smith, associate professor of philosophy, Calvin College

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  1. Robert E. Webber

    Robert E. Webber

    Robert E. Webber (1933-2007) was, at the time of his death, Myers Professor of Ministry at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, and served as the president of the Institute for Worship Studies in Orange Park, Florida. His many books include...

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Christianity Today 2007 Book Award Winner