The Da Vinci Codebreaker

An Easy-to-Use Fact Checker for Truth Seekers

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Fiction or Fact?

What is the Truth About . . .

• Jesus: was he married and the father of a daughter?

• Mary Magdalene: was she Jesus' choice to lead the church until some men took it away from her?

• Christianity: Did it really borrow everything from paganism?

• Women: Did the church really kill 5 million females?

• The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper: Do these paintings contain secret clues?

This easy-to-use fact checker provides answers to the questions readers most often ask about The Da Vinci Code. Historically and theologically correct explanations are fiven for the more than 500 entries that include terms, concepts, people, locations, and events. Arranged alphabetically, dictionary style, this book is a must for thoughtful readers who seek more information about the claims of the novel and film.

"As a religiously committed Jew, I've been appalled at the number of gullible readers who accept The Da VInci Code as a piece of serious religious scholarship rather than recognizing the novel for what it is: a cheap, skillfully constructed entertainment that is simultaneously a bitterly biased, utterly irresponsible slander of Christian tradition. The Da Vinci Code Breaker provides the factual background fair-minded people need to correct the lies, myths, and misunderstandings so recklessly promulgated by Dan Brown's novel. This book merits broad circulation and serious discussion."
--Michael Medved, Nationally syndicated talk show host

"This is a book for any person--whether you are for or against the thesis of The Da Vinci Code. Garlow has gone beyond the large plethora of books affirming or refuting The Da Vinci Code, including his own coauthored book Cracking Da Vinci's Code, by supplying the reader with a bona fide Da Vinci Code dictionary. This glossary of more than 500 terms should be a constant companion to anyone who has read The Da Vinci Code or who will see the movie. It is a quick, insightful, easy-to-navigate tool. But most important, he provides the correct definitions for terms and concepts. Putting it simply, this is a must-read."
--Tim LaHaye, Author, LEFT BEHIND series

The Author

  1. James L. Garlow

    James L. Garlow

    James L. Garlow is the coauthor of Cracking DaVinci's Code, with a half million copies in print. He is the senior pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego and a speaker at pastors' and leaders' conferences. Jim has master's degrees from Princeton...

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