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Confusion, financial constraints, job losses, global aggression--this is, at the very least, a day of uncertainty. The status quo is shaken, and we are in a time of tumultuous change, both in the world and in the Church.

Bestselling author and respected pastor Barbara Yoder offers hope and encouragement to everyone who wants to face the future with joy. Devastating personal circumstances cause God's people to cry out to him, she explains, and that is just what he desires. By showing readers how to travail in prayer, to press through fear or even hopelessness, Yoder prepares them for true spiritual breakthrough. Through "the cry God hears," believers can step into the brand-new life he has waiting for them.

Includes a foreword by C. Peter Wagner.


"More than a quick-fix manual, you hold in your hands a plan for transformation. Yes, for your very life! Not only does God want to change your circumstances, but in the midst of every storm there is an exciting metamorphosis for the person reading this impacting and practical book. Want to change? Then learn to cry out to the God who hears! I know from experience, and so does Barbara Yoder, that God delights to answer the prayers of the desperate!"
--James W. Goll, founder, Encounters Network and Prayer Storm International; author, The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession, The Coming Israel Awakening and many others

"Our lives are new books that are being written as we navigate toward our destiny. Barbara Yoder provides powerful revelation for a victorious future in her book The Cry God Hears. Her timely book will help you release the strategic cry to God that will propel you into your greatest potential!"
--Barbara Wentroble, president, International Breakthrough Ministries; president, Breakthrough Business Network; author, Removing the Veil of Deception, Prophetic Intercession and Praying with Authority

"Many Christians are looking into the uncertain future and saying 'What do we do?' James 4:8 claims that as we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. Barbara Yoder lays out a clear biblical response in The Cry God Hears. She encourages all believers to cry out to God and lays out the joy that follows when we ask of Him."
--Randy Clark, overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; author, There Is More and others

"Over the past several years I have had the wonderful privilege of getting to know Barbara Yoder and discovering the deep well of wisdom and insight she carries. More importantly, I have also seen the integrity and authority that has been placed upon her life as a legitimate leader in this last-day movement. Her book The Cry God Hears conveys all of those attributes and much more. Clearly, our greatest need is for personal and corporate breakthrough into God's ultimate plans and purposes. This book works as a handbook to guide us into that place. In it, Barbara addresses the stumbling blocks and hindrances to breaking through and provides clear directives to position us to move forward into our anointing. I believe you will be richly blessed through the wisdom contained in this book and the prophetic charge to advance into the 'new things' of our future."
--Paul Keith Davis, founder, WhiteDove Ministries

"The uncertainty of our times calls for a fresh, hope-filled perspective of the future that helps us navigate the unsettling changes we face daily in our personal lives as well as in the corporate reality. Barbara provides such a perspective in her new book. You will be encouraged to comprehend and embrace God's 'big picture' and the key role your destiny plays in His plan. A timely and pertinent book for our times!"
--Jane Hansen Hoyt, president/CEO, Aglow International

"Barbara Yoder is a key leader in the Kingdom of God who knows the Master of Breakthrough. The Cry God Hears explains the sound that comes from God's people when they know they must break through into a new dimension of freedom, power, glory, strength and supply. This book will not only encourage you, but it will give you a detailed understanding of why you feel the travail of God stirring within you. Apostle Yoder fully explains the cry down deep within us that causes God to respond."
--Chuck D. Pierce, president, Global Spheres, Inc.; president, Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc.

"Barbara Yoder has written yet another excellent and timely book. Like the 'sons of Issachar,' Barbara is committed to discerning the times and seasons of the Spirit and then teaching people how to break through into their next season in God. If you find yourself in transition between the old and the new, this book is for you!"
--Stacey Campbell, founder and facilitator, Canadian Prophetic Council; co-founder, RevivalNOW! Ministries and Be a Hero (

"We live in a day and an hour when there is a desperate need for a recovery of the testimony of Jesus in the earth at a greater level of expression as well as demonstration. Clearly when a prophet speaks, hearts burn, because of the rich revelation that flows from them. The life of a prophet in fact becomes the message of the prophet. Barbara Yoder is one of God's choice vessels whom God has raised up to bring about a recovery of that very testimony of Jesus, which is indeed the spirit of prophecy. You cannot read Barbara's words without hearing her heart for God, her heart for His people and His heart for His purposes being accomplished in the earth. This has been an hour of great testing and trial for many in the Body of Christ, and Barbara addresses the current hour with a prophetic insight and clarity, depth and compassion that is her signature style, and endowment she has been graced with by heaven itself. That which you hold in your hand is not merely a treatise--it is a record of revelation lived in a life, and uttered not by an echo but by a voice crying out in true prophetic tradition for a fresh coming of the Lord in all His glory. We owe Barbara a great debt of gratitude for the price she has paid in her journey to deliver these words into our very hearts and lives."
--Dr. Mark Chironna, Mark Chironna Ministries; The Master's Touch International Church, Orlando, Florida

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  1. Barbara J. Yoder

    Barbara J. Yoder

    Barbara J. Yoder is founder and overseer of Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the bestselling author of five books. She travels extensively as a national and international speaker and is considered one of the most influential women...

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