The Constantine Conspiracy

A Novel

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The innocent don't run--unless their lives depend on it.

When international playboy Rick Carson stumbles onto a murder in his Montana home, he knows his life will never be the same. But he certainly doesn't expect to be the prime suspect. And he doesn't expect to find himself in the middle of a 1700-year-old conspiracy with tentacles reaching into the very highest levels of the government.

Park ranger Shannon Bridge is the first responding law enforcement agent on the scene. She seems legitimate, but is there more to her than meets the eye? Why is she willing to help Rick elude the law?

With unanswered questions and the law closing in, Shannon and Rick must find some way to exonerate him--and expose the truth before it's too late. In a place where no one is who they say they are and danger lurks around every corner, can they even trust each other?

Get swept up in this thrilling tale of international intrigue, conspiracy, and the power of truth.

The Author

  1. Gary Parker

    Gary Parker

    Gary E. Parker is the author of more than twenty books. He and his family live in the Atlanta area.

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