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10 Business Practices That Create Lifelong Customers

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Keep your customers coming back

Great businesses know how to make customers feel seen, understood, and valued. Those satisfied customers trust you and come back--and they tell their friends. But according to research, a bad customer experience--which may amount only to the feeling they get when interacting with your brand--prompts a high number of would-be customers to go through the trouble of switching brands.

So how do you make sure that your first-time customers become lifelong champions of your product, service, or way of doing business? The Come Back Culture shows you how to create an experience that keeps people coming back for more.

Whether you offer a service or a product online or at a physical location, you can use the principles in this book to turn your customers into raving fans who trust your brand, buy your products or services, and spread the word.

Customer experiences that keep people coming back--and spreading the word--don't just happen. But they're also not magic.

Backed by plenty of on-the-ground research and illustrated with real-life examples, The Come Back Culture breaks down the elements that make for remarkable experiences so that you can implement them in your business, whether you're an entrepreneur just getting your brand off the ground or an established business looking to improve your return rate. You'll learn how to

· focus on feeling as much as function
· create a culture, not a job title
· know your guest
· be fully present
· think scene by scene
· recover quickly when things go wrong
· observe details, because everything communicates
· reject "just okay"
· choose values over policy
· build a hospitable team


"The Come Back Culture is an important book for leaders of any organization. Designing your experience for employees and for customers is critical for any business to succeed, and this book helps you think about taking both to the next level."

Elizabeth Dixon, speaker; principal leader of service and hospitality, Chick-fil-A

"Service comes from a manual; hospitality comes from the heart. Jason and Jonathan unpack how gracious hospitality and generosity of spirit will lead to powerful, lasting relationships between people and your business."

Kirk Kinsell, former president and CEO, Loews Hotels; former president, Intercontinental Hotels Group (Americas)

"How the customer feels after interacting with your brand is just as important as what you do for the customer. This is the powerful statement Jason and Jonathan make in The Come Back Culture, and it's what they help you focus on for your customers. If hospitality is even remotely part of your business, you need to read this book."

Jeanne Bliss, CEO,; author, Would You Do That to Your Mother?

​​"It's not enough for a customer to have a good experience with your business; they need to remember it. Memorable moments don't just happen. Jason and Jonathan help you create an experience that customers will remember fondly."

Marcus Marshall, vice president of restaurants and bars, Hospitality Ventures Management Group

"Jason and Jonathan help us understand, through their unique perspective, the importance of building a culture that inspires safety, continuity, and appreciation. No matter who your customer is, this book will help you make better long-term, strategic decisions that set you and your organization up for success."

Russ Holland, vice president of real estate, Inspire Brands

"Service is about meeting needs. Hospitality is about the feeling. To create a memorable guest experience, you need both, and Jason and Jonathan are the perfect people to help you do that."

Chris Meaders, mission coach, Maple Street Biscuit Company

"When you have loyal customers, you can have a healthy and profitable business. The Come Back Culture is the book that can help make that happen."

Lance Martin, director of business development, EMPWR Solar

"The Come Back Culture guides readers through designing intentional experiences that infuse customer service with the heart of hospitality, resulting in an environment where guests feel safe, valued, and cared for. It takes the often ambiguous or elusive nature of hospitality and makes it digestible and applicable. Because experiencing hospitality is different for everyone, it can often feel like aiming at a moving target. However, Jason and Jonathan offer easy-to-understand examples that give flesh to the conceptual principles required in creating a culture of hospitality that leaves guests excited to come back for more."

Josh Kelly, hospitality operations manager, Roam Innovative Workplace

"Jason and Jonathan do an excellent job of dissecting the guest-experience interactions between everyone involved--guests, team members, and organizational leadership. If you are looking to empower your team to create meaningful moments with guests, this book provides you with tactical ways to get started."

Raegan Thorp, owner of Raegan Thorp Real Estate Group, Keller Williams

"Jason and Jonathan's approach to remapping the customer as more of a guest changes the landscape of how every business should treat their customers in order to foster that internal desire to come back for more. They are masters at building the customer experience. Whether you provide a physical product or a service for your guest, this book is a must-read to learn Jason and Jonathan's ten principles to master a winning culture."

Andy Jabaley, agent/owner, State Farm Insurance

"Loyalty in business is primarily based on how someone makes you feel. The Come Back Culture demonstrates proven strategies to surprise and delight your guests and keep them coming back. Jason and Jonathan expertly show that having a playbook with tasks to serve your guests is important, but more so is having your team execute the intention of those tasks. This connection will create a higher-level customer experience. Every business owner needs to read this eye-opening book to learn the simple and meaningful details that will create raving fans and set your business apart from the competition."

Maday Martinez de Osaba, head of global sales enablement, Scan One; author, Ocean of Stars and Dreams

"In today's business economy, caring for the customer matters more than ever before. This book lays out how any business can intentionally create a culture where customers not only come back but invite others to come with them."

Sonia Postema, chief people officer, HC Brands

"A delighted customer is a loyal customer, and a loyal customer is repeat income. Jason and Jonathan have created the ultimate guide to help you delight customers and keep them coming back time and again."

Ben Thorpe, store manager, Discount Tire

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    Jonathan Malm

    Jonathan Malm helps churches through his projects, and, and consults with organizations on guest services and creative expression. The coauthor of The Come Back Effect, The Come Back Culture, The...

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