The Cinderella Rule

A Young Woman's Guide to Happily Ever After

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Stop Looking for Prince Charming--Let Him Look for You

Of all the fairytale princesses we know and love, Cinderella is the one who got it right. She knew the spell was about to break, and ran out of the castle just in time to keep her mysterious identity a secret. Prince Charming couldn't help himself! He had to pursue her, to track her down and invite her to be his queen.

The Cinderella Rule is your guide to letting your prince do the work. Whether he knows it or not, the man God has for you longs to experience the thrill of the chase . . . and that means running out of the castle before you give away all your secrets! Find out how to be a woman of mystery who lets herself be pursued, knowing you are worth every ounce of effort. The Cinderella Rule will show you how to be the queen your prince is already looking for.


"An excellent resource for both teenaged girls and the parents, relatives, teachers, mentors, and friends who want them to seek a 'prince' who will woo and pursue them. Bethany Jett's writing style is practical, full of wisdom, and engaging. I plan on buying this book for my 19-year-old daughter . . . and for her boyfriend, too."

Arron Chambers, pastor; author, Remember Who You Are and Eats with Sinners

"In a world where young women are inundated with messages telling them to chase after the bad boy, beast, or vampire, it is refreshing to hear one telling them that they are worthy of a godly prince. As a father of a teenaged girl, I appreciate Bethany's insights and advice. Both are timely and inspiring for young Cinderellas navigating the sometimes confusing world of love and dating. I laughed, I cried, I got a pedicure."

Terry Davis, family minister at Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado

"Any girl who quotes a minion from Despicable Me (whaaa?) had me at hello. Bethany's charm, mixed with pop culture and a large amount of the Bible, will help the single woman who wishes to become a godly (datable) woman. The Cinderella Rule is a helpful guide for all the single ladies."

Renee Fisher, speaker; author, Faithbook of Jesus, Not Another Dating Book, and Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me

"The Cinderella Rule is a beautiful and compelling look at what it means to be a daughter of the King and bride of Christ. Bethany Jett does a marvelous job of pointing young women to their true beauty and value within and guides them on a journey filled with hope and promise."

Nicole O'Dell, founder, Choose NOW Ministries; author, The Diamond Estates Series

"Reading The Cinderella Rule is like chatting with your older, cooler cousin--you know, the one who you always wanted to paint your nails and do your hair for you. Although Bethany does discuss highlights and French 'manis,' she also talks about something much more important and enduring--your future husband. The Cinderella Rule explains that Mr. Right is someone who recognizes and seeks your inner beauty and helps you shine brighter. Bethany gives a straightforward, modern, conversational how-to for loving yourself in order to find Prince Charming and live happily ever after."

Laura L. Smith, author, Skinny, Hot, Angry and the Status Updates Series

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  1. Bethany Jett

    Bethany Jett

    Bethany Jett is a writer, speaker, and longtime youth sponsor. Having first worked with youth at age 17, Bethany's focus has always been on teens and 20-somethings. Bethany has been the guest speaker at various women's events. She recently won the Florida...

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