The Church on Mission

A Biblical Vision for Transformation among All People

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3. Transformation and the Word of God

Study Guide

Scripture reading: John 8:31–38

After reading this chapter, consider the following:

  • What new insights did you gain?
  • Were there points with which you especially agreed or disagreed?
  • What issues were raised that you would like to explore further or clarify?

Jesus describes the liberating and transforming power of his teaching in John 8:31–38. Read a few different Bible translations of John 8:31.

  • What does it practically mean to “abide” in the word of Jesus?

Romans 12:1–2 speaks of transformation through the renewing of our minds.

  • Describe some ways that being transformed is different from being conformed to the world (this passing age)?
  • Give an example of how reading the Bible has “renewed your mind” and helped you discern God’s will?
  • Which teachings of the Bible are most challenging for you or most difficult to apply personally?
    • What might help you to experience transformation in that area of your life?

Kevin Vanhoozer says, “The church is to be a Living Bible, yes, but not by staging literal repetitions (copies) of biblical scenes . . . but rather by continuing to follow Jesus into the present in ways that are both faithful and (necessarily) creative” (p. 54).

  • Explain what it might mean to follow Jesus in ways that are both biblically faithful and creative?
  • How important is in-depth Bible study and teaching in your church? Do you believe that there should be more or less emphasis in these areas? Why?
  • Describe your own personal commitment to Bible reading and Bible study.