The Big Book of Animal Devotions

250 Daily Readings About God's Amazing Creation

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Did you know...
the cheetah can run up to 70 miles per hour
a Weddell seal weighs 60 pounds at birth
many insects fill up with antifreeze--like liquid to survive the winter

God made a world filled with fabulous creatures big and small, fuzzy and scaly, sun-loving and late-night living. No matter where, when, or how, animals are great teachers on everything from caring for ourselves and our families to surviving even the worst conditions. Nature is tough, but it tells us how to hold on and come out stronger.

Nature teaches us about more than ourselves, though--it can also teach us about God and the Bible. These 250 fun and fascinating facts about animals and nature--the amazing creations that were developed right from God's own imagination--will help you to better understand a God who loves you and cares about you every day.

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  1. William L. Coleman

    William L. Coleman

    William L. Coleman is the author of more than thirty books on a variety of topics. Combining his experience as a pastor, researcher, writer, and speaker, he is noted for his effective communication in the area of family relationships and practical...

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