The Bible and Baptism

The Fountain of Salvation

series: Catholic Biblical Theology of the Sacraments, A

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This addition to A Catholic Biblical Theology of the Sacraments series provides readers with a deeper appreciation of God's gifts and call in the Sacraments through a renewed encounter with God's Word.

New Testament scholar Isaac Morales, OP, offers a biblical theology of the initiatory rite of baptism that will be interesting and informative to the church catholic. Morales provides a synthetic biblical account of the sacrament of baptism, rooted in the rich water symbolism of the Old Testament and finding its full flourishing in baptismal participation in the saving events of Christ's passion, death, and resurrection as described in the New Testament. This book provides lay teachers with background and depth on topics taught frequently in the parish, making it suitable for classroom use and parish ministry.

The series editors are Timothy C. Gray and John Sehorn. Gray is president of the Augustine Institute, which has one million subscribers to its online content channel, Gray and Sehorn both teach at the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology, which prepares students for Christian mission through on-campus and distance education programs.


Series Preface
Introduction: The Fountain of Salvation
Part 1: Written for Our Instruction: Water in the Old Testament
1. The Waters of Life
2. The Waters of Death
3. The Waters of Freedom
4. The Waters of Purity
Part 2: The Substance Belongs to Christ: Baptism in the New Testament
5. Christ, the Model of Baptism
6. Christ, the Source of Baptism
7. Baptism "in the Name"
8. Dying and Rising with Christ
9. Being Clothed with Christ
10. Baptism and New Birth
11. Baptismal Purity
12. Baptismal Unity
Conclusion: Salvation through Worship
Appendix: Infant Baptism
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The Author

  1. Isaac Augustine Morales OP
    Jaclyn Lippelmann

    Isaac Augustine Morales OP

    Isaac Augustine Morales, OP (PhD, Duke University), is assistant professor of theology at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. He previously taught at Marquette University and at Duke Divinity School. Morales is the author of The Spirit and the...

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