The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney, Repackaged Edition

The Life Story of America’s Greatest Evangelist—In His Own Words

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The Amazing Story of How Half a Million Souls Were Converted Through One Man's Ministry

In an age without amplifiers or mass communication, nineteenth-century evangelist Charles G. Finney's ministry changed the course of American Christianity. His valuable insights on the work of the Holy Spirit and principles for revival now inspire and encourage twenty-first-century believers with a passion for reaching their nations for Christ.

Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) was powerfully converted in 1821 after thoroughly exploring the claims of Christ. An avid student of the Bible, he soon engaged in preaching and teaching throughout the eastern and southern United States.

Finney's autobiography was first published in 1876, a year after his death. This edition, first published a century later, was condensed and updated while retaining the heart of his amazing narrative, making the principles of revival easily understood by contemporary readers.

The Authors

  1. Charles G. Finney

    Charles G. Finney

    Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) is recognized as the most effective evangelist of the 19th century. It is estimated that more than half a million people were converted to Christ through his evangelistic ministry. After becoming a lawyer he carefully explored the...

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  2. Helen Wessel

    Helen Wessel

    Helen Wessell, founder of Bookmarks International, also served as a consultant to the International Childbirth Education Association. The mother of six children, she wrote several books, including The Voice of Joy and The Joy of Natural...

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