The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make

A Biblical Guide for Navigating Family Life on Your Own

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You can do this

No matter how you became a single mom, you share the same challenges and fears all single moms have. You may feel stretched to the limit. You may suspect your children need more than you're able to give. How are you going to do this on your own?

With humor, Scripture, and sage advice, Pam Farrel (child of a single mother) and PeggySue Wells (single parent of seven children) show you how to

· be decisive
· create a nurturing home
· be proactive
· date wisely
· pray for your child
· embrace your happily ever after
· and more

You are capable of parenting your children with courage, confidence, and clarity. This loving, practical guide shows you how.

"I came from a single-parent home, and I saw firsthand how much my mom sacrificed to give me and my four siblings a sense of security and stability. I'm thankful for the love she gave our family, but I wish she'd had a guide like The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make to help her on the journey."--Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

Pam Farrel and her husband, Bill, are the authors of the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti and Discovering Hope in the Psalms. Pam is also the author of more than fifty other books on relationships, marriage, and parenting, including The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make. The Farrels make their home aboard their boat docked in Southern California.

PeggySue Wells
is the bestselling author or coauthor of nearly thirty books, including The Slave across the Street with Theresa L. Flores. Living and writing in Indiana, PeggySue is a speaker and radio talk show host who interviews industry experts, entrepreneurs, and exceptional voices to help people live better, together.


"I came from a single-parent home, and I saw firsthand how much my mom sacrificed to give me and my four siblings a sense of security and stability. I'm thankful for the love she gave our family, but I wish she'd had a guide like The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make to help her on the journey. This book is filled with wisdom and practical insights that will bring encouragement to single moms as they raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord."

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

"Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells have written a phenomenal resource for single parents! Empathic, wise, timely, and biblical all describe The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make. With gentle understanding, Pam and PeggySue come alongside single moms as friends. Free of judgement, this book will encourage you on your journey and reassure you that God sees you and hears the cries of your heart!"

Becky Harling, popular conference speaker, bestselling author of How to Listen So People Will Talk

"My heart soared with hope for single moms as I read The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make. Practical and inspiring, this book is a confidence booster, a heart lifter, and a legacy builder. Pam and PeggySue are helping to break chains and bond hearts between moms and their children with this important book!"

Amber Lia, bestselling coauthor of Triggers and Parenting Scripts

"Once in a while a book comes along that punches you in the gut--it's that good. This is one of those books. As the daughter of a single mom in a disastrous household, I grew up thinking something was terribly wrong with our family and with me. Pam and PeggySue take the shame out of homes with imperfect pasts and bring practical hope and wisdom for those navigating a safe and holy new way. Like an overflowing toolbox, each chapter is packed with tools to build a new life of promise and strength. A must-read for every mom who feels weary or alone."

Gari Meacham, author of Spirit Hunger, Watershed Moments, Be Free, and Truly Fed; founder and president of The Vine Uganda

"Pam and PeggySue provide faith, wisdom, and strategic direction to strengthen and empower the single-parent family."

Richard Paul Evans, New York Times bestselling author

"PeggySue and Pam created a must-read primer packed with hope, tangible helps, and life-giving relationship for the solo-parent family. Read this book and thrive."

Bill Myers, film director, producer, and bestselling author of McGee & Me, The Jesus Experience, and Eli

"The most helpful gift you can give a single mom is this book! Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells combined their personal experiences, biblical wisdom, and practical parenting skills to provide a resource that will help every mom raising children without a spouse. The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make can be read straight through, or if you're in crisis mode, go to the chapter that describes what you're dealing with right now. You'll find help, hope, and action steps that immediately provide advice for your journey."

Carol Kent, speaker and author of Staying Power

"The decisions you make as a single mom lay the foundation for both your future and your kids' future. Don't operate on autopilot. Let Pam and PeggySue guide the way with the words on these pages!"

Jill Savage, author of No More Perfect Moms and No More Perfect Kids

"With over twenty-two million children in single-parent families, 85 percent of them led by single moms, there's no doubt the challenges these women face demand the best resources available. Coauthors Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells mine their firsthand experiences to offer moms a wealth of wisdom and practical guidance for navigating these challenges with grit and grace. From showing readers how to create a nurturing home and lead their kids spiritually to offering counsel on dating, Farrel and Wells are empathetic, encouraging mentors. The best decision you can make? Get a copy of The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make for every mom you know."

Maggie Wallem Rowe, speaker, dramatist, and author of This Life We Share

"Being a single mom has its unique challenges, but it can also be a time of blessing and growth. In The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make, Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells show moms how to thrive. Pam shares from her experience as a child from a single-parent home, and PeggySue shares from her experience as the single mother of seven. Their combined effort offers a balanced approach for the single mom to victoriously raise children who rise up to call her blessed."

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, author of Sacred Rest

"For the unique challenges a single-parent family faces, this book is a toolbox, trusted companion, and travel guide to your God-designed purpose and potential."

Pat Palau, coauthor of What to Do When You're Scared to Death

"As a pastor's wife, I've talked with hundreds of single moms who face the challenges of
parenting alone. Most wonder, Am I doing this parenting thing right? Pam Farrel and PeggySue
Wells are the friends a single mom needs--the ones who lovingly wrap their arms around your
shoulders and point you in the right direction. The best decision a single mom can make is to
read The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make."

Donna Jones, national speaker and author of Seek

"A single parent did not raise me, nor have I parented alone. But if I did, I'd take the advice of two in-the-trench overcomers on the topic--PeggySue Wells and Pam Farrel. I've observed the single-mom challenges and the heartache of feeling your kids have been shortchanged. Most are aware of the struggle of parenting solo--like finances and shared custody. I had never considered the isolation, loss of community (even in the church), and when, or if, to date again. Wells and Farrel share vital insights, with a grin on the side. Fueled by Scripture and filled with practical tips, guidelines, and spiritual wisdom, The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make should make its way into the hands and heart of every single mom."

Deb DeArmond, award-winning author of Don't Go to Bed Angry, Stay Up and Fight, and Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes

"Loneliness pervades the stressed-out, overworked, and emotionally spent single mom. But what if you didn't have to walk this road alone? Pam and PeggySue come alongside you like the best friends you can depend on to give advice, encourage your heart, and offer practical tips to navigate raising your children. The days of having to figure everything out all by yourself are over--this book is your answer. Be reminded that you are wiser than you think, stronger than you know, and more valuable than you feel. You owe it to yourself." 

Erica Wiggenhorn, Bible teacher and author of An Unexplainable Life

"Single parenting can feel lonely, chaotic, and overwhelming. But there's hope. The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make offers biblical encouragement, personal stories, and practical suggestions to equip single moms for their task. This resource reminds readers that they're not alone and they can navigate this journey well. This is the kind of book that sits on one's nightstand for easy and frequent reference."

Grace Fox, global worker and author of Tuck-Me-In Talks with Your Little Ones

"Each chapter title in this important book begins with the word decide, which is a crucial word in any relationship. What you decide supersedes even the word love, because every relationship begins with a decision to love, endures with a daily decision to love, and sadly ends when one person decides not to love. In The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make, Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells guide single moms through the vital choices they need to make to be effective, nurturing single parents. This valuable book, full of practical advice from years of experience, will help guide you through the turbulent waters of single parenting and into the safe harbor of a Bible-based family life."

Dr. Craig von Buseck, author, speaker, and manager of content for

"Practical, practical, practical and beautifully insightful from the voice of a single parent, the now-adult child of a single parent, and the God who not only sees and cares but also threads his stories with hope for single moms. The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make offers tested, proven, and heartening advice for navigating the challenges single moms face "on the daily."

Cynthia Ruchti, award-winning author of more than thirty books, including Ragged Hope

"This is the book every single mom has waited for! The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make provides a mom on her own with exactly what she needs to thrive. As a former single mom, I appreciate Farrel's and Well's unique perspectives and wish I'd had them in my early parenting years. The total dynamic of single parenting is covered with positive, you-can-do-this application. Get it. Gift it. You'll be glad you did."

Linda Goldfarb, international speaker, Christian life coach, founder of Parenting Awesome Kids, and award-winning author of LINKED Quick Guide to Personalities

"Single parenting is the most difficult role on earth, harder than being the president of a nation. Single-parenting challenges are so unique and demanding that only other single parents can comprehend them. This book is oxygen for the soul of the single parent who sometimes feels suffocated by life's demands. Thank you, Pam and PeggySue, for this gift that will keep giving to so many single parents."

Jackie Kendall, president of Power to Grow and bestselling author of Lady in Waiting

"Pam and PeggySue have written an encouraging book to help single parents thrive as they raise their children. They lived the reality of this lifestyle and offer great practical advice as well as compassionate hearts that understand the traumas and struggles."

Karen Whiting, author of twenty-six books, including Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess and Girl Talk Guy Talk

"If you are a single mom, reading The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make is the single best decision you can reach to find hard-earned and engaging advice that makes all the difference to your home and children. If you know a single mom, gift her with a copy of this extraordinary book as soon as possible."

 Linda Evans Shepherd, author of Empowered for Purpose and When You Need to Move a Mountain

"Where has this book been all of my single-mom life? This should be required reading right after any divorce papers are signed. If you're looking for a road map to God-centered single parenting, with lots of tangible and helpful examples, this is the book for you. I only wish it had been written sooner. But hey, better late than never. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to apply these age-appropriate chore charts to my own children."

Kerri Pomarolli, comedian and author of Confessions of the Proverbs 32 Woman

"Those who wrestle with the daily challenges of being a single mom and those who love them will treasure the faith-lifting wisdom shared in The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make. I wish I'd had this book many years ago when I desperately needed some heart-boosting encouragement and practical insights. If you want to make wise choices and become more resilient, this book is by far the best resource for you."

Georgia Shaffer, Professional Certified Coach, licensed psychologist, and author of Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

"The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make is a needed and essential resource for single moms. At one point in my marriage to Larry, I felt like a single mom. Larry and I were married singles, as if our paths were at cross purposes. Not the cross of Jesus but purposes that battled each other. Although praise to God, our marriage survived, I could have benefited from the wealth of wisdom PeggySue Wells and Pam Farrel share in this important book. I recommend it not only for those who are single moms but also for those who feel like they are."

Kathy Collard Miller, speaker and coauthor of God's Intriguing Questions

"As a woman who spent more than twenty years encouraging folks via my nationwide radio show to make the next right choice, I resonate with the format of this book. Each chapter is designed to help the single mom move forward with the next right choice, or in the words of the authors, to decide. Each chapter has the potential to make a positive change in not only the mother's life but in the life of her child. Hats off to Pam and PeggySue for reaching out to single moms. Great work, ladies!"

Kendra Smiley, author of Journey of a Strong-Willed Child

"If you're searching for a resource that overflows with encouragement and practical tools for navigating single parenting, look no further! Authors PeggySue Wells and Pam Farrel expertly provide everything a single mom needs to succeed in her role as a mom and a woman of God. Truly, one of the first and best decisions you can make is to get a copy of this resource. Wells and Farrel share from personal experience the highs and lows of single parenting with grace, grit, and an honest truth that will resonate with you, dear single mom."

Michele Howe, author of twenty-four books, including Navigating the Friendship Maze and Giving Thanks for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

"Reading The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make by Pam Farrel and PeggySue Wells is a great decision for a single mom or someone who loves her. These authors provide advice and a tender heart for those facing the challenges of raising their children by themselves. This is a must-read book."

Debbie W. Wilson, Christy Award winner for Tiger in the Shadows

The Authors

  1. Pam Farrel
    Rebecca Friedlander

    Pam Farrel

    Pam Farrel and her husband, Bill, are the authors of the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti and Red-Hot Monogamy. Pam is also the author of more than 50 books on relationships, marriage, and parenting, including 52 Ways...

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  2. PeggySue Wells
    Amy Blinkley Photography

    PeggySue Wells

    PeggySue Wells is the bestselling author or coauthor of nearly 30 books, including The Slave across the Street with Theresa L. Flores. A history buff and lover of tropical islands, she parasails, skydives, snorkels, scuba dives, and has taken (but not...

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