That's My Son, Repackaged Edition

How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character

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Why is a trip to the garbage dump such a highlight in a boy's life?

Have you ever been confused by what makes your son tick? Do you sometimes find yourself wondering why your boy acts the way he does? Well, you're not alone. If boys are going to grow into men of integrity, they must learn loyalty, compassion, honor, courage, and perseverance as children. Let's be honest: raising sons to be good men is a tremendous challenge.

Recognizing the incredible value of a mother's influence on her son's life, Rick Johnson offers a practical, common-sense approach to help moms like you prepare for the challenges that will come as your boy grows. In That's My Son, Johnson combines refreshing honesty with extensive research and humorous insight to tackle topics like communication, sexuality, discipline, and respect.

Maybe you're a little overwhelmed at the idea of raising your son to be a man of character. Or perhaps you're wondering how to talk with your boy so that he will listen. Whatever your situation, you will find wise counsel and encouragement in this helpful and reassuring book.


"A must-read for every mom who longs to get inside the heart and mind of her little boy and who yearns for the wisdom to see that boy become a man of character."--Susan Alexander Yates, best selling author, 31 Days of Prayer For My Teen

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  1. Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson is the bestselling author of several books, including That's My Son, That's My Teenage Son, That's My Girl, and Better Dads, Stronger Sons. He is the founder of Better Dads and is a sought-after speaker at parenting and...

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"You will find wise counsel and encouragement in this helpful book."--Family Ministries, Inc.

"As the mother of a young son, I often worry about raising him to become the man I want him to be. After all, men are still a mystery to me, as they are to most women! Rick Johnson is the founder of Better Dads, and wrote this book for mothers just like me after realizing the profound influence mothers have on their son's lives."

"This book is full of delightful, humorous stories that will have moms saying, 'Been there, done that.' Every mother of a son should study this excellent resource."--Michele Howe, Christian Home & School

"Rick brings fatherly and male insight into the intricacies and inner workings of little, growing boys. Best of all, Rick shares his wisdom about how to make a boy into a faithful and righteous man. To be honest, little boys have made me nervous in the past. With the guidance of That's My Son, parenting a boy doesn't seem so impossible after all."