Teaching Kids Authentic Worship

How to Keep Them Close to God for Life

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Most children know all there is to know about their favorite sports star or T.V. character. Wouldn't it be great if they were just as excited about knowing God? They will be, says Kathleen Chapman, when they're shown how to truly worship-to focus on God alone. In this eye-opening book, Chapman shares wisdom and techniques gained during her thirty years in children's ministry. With her fifty-two inspiring worship moments, you can guide children in making God their greatest hero and lifelong friend.



"There's no doubt that Kathleen Chapman has a unique ability to connect with children and lead them to God. Now she shares her unique, compelling and colorful methods with parents, teachers and church leaders. Let God use these pages to guide you in pointing children to a lifelong relationship with God through worship. This book represents an investment in eternity!" --Mary Hunt, founder and publisher of Cheapskate Monthly

"Kathleen Chapman has written the definitive book on teaching kids the purpose, meaning and way of worship. Period. Kathleen's passion for God and for kids explodes out of her writing. Crack open page one and your view of worship will never be the same. Not only is the book required reading for parents, Sunday school teachers and worship leaders, this book takes the reader past mere information to the heart of spiritual transformation. A life-long practitioner of worship, Kathleen writes with depth, humor, insight, knowledge and experience for what it takes to glue a kid to God. Filled with practical ideas, Kathleen will challenge you and inspire you personally and professionally. This book is so sticky you won't be able to put it down." --Joey O'Connor, author of the So What?! series for teens

"Well, here it is. The search is over for the ultimate guide in Teaching Kids Authentic Worship. God has blessed Kathleen Chapman with gifts in challenging and motivating children that I have yet to see matched. Her experiences are documented brilliantly to make this book a treasure for children's ministry programs and families around the world. Now, this is worship!" --Dean-o Lies, Leader of Dean-o and the Dynamos, Mission Viejo, CA

"Kathleen has captured the essence of teaching children to worship." --Johanna Townsend, President, For Kids Only, Newport Beach, CA

"In business rule #1 is 'keep the main thing the main thing.' Kathleen sets forth a guide for parents and all those who work with children to help them not only understand what worshipping God is, but how to do it. As a parent/teacher our God-given responsibility is to train and prepare our children for a life that honors God, in the life of a child this is the main thing."
"The secret to a life lived honoring God starts with understanding what worshipping Him is all about. Teaching Kids Authentic Worship will help you teach children the biblical principles of worship and it's done in Kathleen's usual insightful and creative way." --Gary B. Dixon, Chairman of the Northwest Christian Education Conference, Consultant for Cook Communications Ministries

"Kathleen Chapman is the most creative person I know. She literally has helped thousands of children (and adults too!) enjoy and experience a more vibrant faith in God through creative worship experiences. This book is practical, hands on, experiential and life-changing." --Jim Burns, President, YouthBuilders

"I don't know anyone on the planet more enthusiastic about children or more passionate about creatively teaching them to love and worship God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength than Kathleen Chapman. Her new book aims not only to shape a whole generation of authentic young worshippers, but also the church they inhabit and the world they in turn will seek to impact and influence for Jesus Christ." --Denny Bellesi, senior pastor, Coast Hills Community Church, Aliso Viejo, CA

"Teaching Kids Authentic Worship is a valuable and timeless book. Children who are taught real worship at an early age have learned to profess the truth about God. That's powerful since so many misunderstandings about both ourselves and about God originate in childhood. Buy this book to teach the children you love, but its truths will affect your own worship as well." --Rich Buhler, Speaker, Author, Broadcaster, Creator of TruthOrFiction.com

"Kathleen Chapman, writing in a very conversational, practical and often humorous style had me in her introduction! She delightfully points out that worship for children is not singing 'God Is So Good' 14 times...but rather helping children discover a million fascinating things about an awesome God. And she is convincing that this discovery will glue a child to God...forever. --Dan Johnson, The Idea Agency, Brentwood, TN

"Kathleen has an incredible gift and wisdom to help kids move from 'worship as usual' to worship that's 'wonder-full'! This book will equip you to move beyond programs for children that may only educate or entertain to a place of instilling in kids a passion and awe for God that will last a lifetime."
"Once again I find myself learning from Kathleen! This book will not only help you to teach kids more about worship - it will teach you how to develop and deepen your own worship of God too." --Tom De Vries, Director of Church Multiplication and Revitalization, Reformed Church in America

The Author

  1. Kathleen Chapman

    Kathleen Chapman

    Kathleen Chapman has worked with children's ministries for thirty years. She lives in San Clemente, California, teaching musical theater in churches and schools and speaking at camps, retreats, and MOPS gatherings. Chapman has produced and directed children's musical...

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