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In a dark, medieval land, good and evil battle it out. Trapped between his master's evil commands and his persistent conscience that tells him to do otherwise, Tahn Dorn finds himself in a twisting plot that threatens not only his life but also that of the lovely Netta. After kidnapping Netta from the comfort of her home and burning her castle to the ground, Tahn realizes he can't turn her over to Samis, his evil master, as was originally intended. But as Tahn launches a plan to outwit Samis, he realizes he must also face the evils within himself.
Here, compelling characters deal with the real-life struggles of redemption and forgiveness. It's good versus evil in a way you've never experienced before.

A note from the author:
"I knew as I was writing Tahn that the story could not end until certain choices were made. Love or self-guarded preservation? Forgiveness or bitter hate? It is my hope that readers will think about such choices in their own lives. I hope they remember Tahn and see past the surface of the next person they meet. I hope they see a potential hero in every lost and wayward child and pray accordingly. Then Tahn and I will have done our jobs."

The Author

  1. L. A. Kelly

    L. A. Kelly

    L. A. Kelly is better known to her historical fiction fans as Leisha Kelly. Prior to her untimely death in 2011, Leisha was the author of several bestselling historical fiction books, including Julia's Hope, Emma's Gift, and Katie's Dream....

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"A mesmerizing story, Tahn grips the imagination, pulls the reader into bi-partisanship with the characters, and presents knotty problems that bear great resemblance to today's anxieties. Tahn makes a rollicking good morality tale for Christian readers and a wonderful witness for the unbeliever."--Donna Eggett, ChristianBookPreviews.com

"A fascinating work in which even the greatest sinner can be redeemed if he truly repents his misdeeds. L.A. Kelly writes a beautiful adult fairy tale with a deep moral message."--Harriet Klausner, Bookreview.com

"Writing with grit and a vision for other worldly things, Ms. Kelly delivers an impressive novel of good vs. evil, of dark angels and wicked lords, of good Lords and kind maidens. A thrilling story, beautifully written and masterfully delivered."--Linda Mae Baldwin, Road to Romance

A book with a medieval feel."--Robert H. Gross, Roundtablereviews.com

"Tahn has an engaging storyline, compelling characters and a nasty villain, all of which makes for a fine read."--Tim Frankovich, www.christianfictionpreviews.com

"A classic story of good versus evil, in which Tahn Dorn is trapped in the middle of a looming conflict between two noble families. When he is ordered to kidnap Lady Netta, he knows following his conscience won't be easy. He is an unlikely hero. If you like stories of courage, faith and unconditional love, you will enjoy this one by the author of three popular historical novels."--Alan Caraba, bookviews.com

"This book is compelling and lovely. At it's heart, Tahn discovers that forgiveness is not something that can be earned or paid for. It's something that God gives with without strings, if only we ask. As Christians, we too, are told to grant forgiveness to those who hurt us, freely and without strings."-Sara Mills, Christian Fiction Reviewer

"The first sentence of Tahn instantly throws the novel into rapid pace, and the suspense doesn't ebb until the final chapter. Three-dimensional main characters pull of the thrilling plot with ease and deep perception. An unforgettable read for both men and women." --Katie Hart, Christian Library Journal