Table for One

The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Singleness

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Can we talk?

I mean really talk about what it's like to be single? If you're like me, it's a roller coaster ride of loneliness when I sit in a sea of happy couples at church, joy during giggly Girls' Night Outs, exasperation at being asked for the 247th time why I'm not married yet, happiness from the freedom to travel at the spur of the moment, and grief over the unmet expectations for this phase of my life.

Pull up a chair, and I'll let you in on a few singleness survival secrets I've learned over the years--mostly through trial and error--such as creating a "family of friends," pursuing other dreams, and letting men and our families off the hook. In these pages you'll find a much-needed reminder that God's crazy about us single girls and that true satisfaction isn't found in the arms of "Mr. Right" but in making the most of wherever God has us--even if that's at a table for one.

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  1. Camerin Courtney

    Camerin Courtney

    Camerin Courtney is an editor and writer for Today's Christian Woman magazine and a popular columnist for the Singles Channel of When she's not writing or helping her suburban Chicago church launch a Gen-X ministry, she enjoys hanging out at...

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