Starting a House Church

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There's a new way of doing church and it's taking North America by storm! Here a recognized authority on the house church movement and a popular speaker and pastor share their expertise in starting and maintaining a healthy house church. Together they look at current and future trends in the house church movement and provide best practice models for planting and leading house churches. Also, they explore how house churches are not always the same as simple cell-groups or small groups, especially in the areas of leadership and money. Readers will discover all the information they need to begin a house church in their community.

The Authors

  1. Larry Kreider

    Larry Kreider

    Larry Kreider is the founder and international director of DOVE Christian Fellowship International, a worldwide network of churches and ministries dedicated to advancing God's kingdom on six continents. He has written more than 30 books, including House to...

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  2. Floyd McClung

    Floyd McClung

    Floyd McClung has been the senior pastor of Metro Fellowship, a growing church in Kansas City, Missouri, and is now the international director of All Nations, an international network of church-planting teams and partner churches and ministries based in Cape...

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