Spiritual Warfare for Your Family

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Children

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You Can Win the Battle on the Home Front!

The Enemy wants nothing more than to hurt you and those you love. But his power pales in comparison to God's.

With warmth and wisdom, Leighann McCoy offers this practical guide to protecting your family from spiritual attack. In these pages you will learn what spiritual warfare is as it relates to your children and discover why you may be struggling to overcome the weapons of the Enemy. From there you'll develop the offensive tactics to strike first through prayer and the knowledge of God's Word.

Whatever stage your family is in--from babies to the teen years to enjoying your grandchildren--be empowered to recognize your own vulnerability and lean more heavily on God's strength and wisdom. He has every tool you need to protect your loved ones.

Includes end-of-chapter questions for reflection or group use.


"Leighann is a seasoned warrior in the fight against the forces of darkness. She's also a gifted communicator. That combination makes this a powerful book. It's full of biblical insight and provides practical applications you will use in every season of your children's lives."

Dr. Joe Beam, author, Seeing the Unseen: Preparing Yourself for Spiritual Warfare

"Leighann McCoy is one of those writers who combine solid scriptural insight and practical truths worked out in the crucible of real-life experience. She opens her life to us, exposing her lived-out pain and struggle with no candy coating. But she lets God tell His story through her story. And she offers His hope and His assurance of victory."

Jennifer Kennedy Dean, author, Live a Praying Life

"This is a life-changing book, whether you are a new or battle-focused warrior! It has clear, biblical, spiritual truths that are critical. God will reveal areas of urgent need for your family. It is a tool to read, highlight, and go back to time and time again."

Teri Froman, executive director, Pharaoh's Daughters

"Spiritual Warfare for Your Family is a game-changer. With a solid scriptural foundation and depth of insight and personal experience, Leighann gives us the tools we need to do battle for our families. She writes as if our lives depend on it, and I believe they do."

Kaye Hurta, crisis counselor

"I heartily recommend Spiritual Warfare for Your Family. From its overall message of victory in Jesus to addressing specific life battles, it will help believers fight. I have witnessed Leighann McCoy's great faith in our great God. Readers will be grateful she chose to share her battlefield knowledge and wisdom."

Lisa Parnell

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  1. Leighann McCoy
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    Leighann McCoy

    Leighann McCoy (www.LeighannMcCoy.com) is a sought-after speaker and author of Spiritual Warfare for Women. She is the prayer minister at a large Southern Baptist church where her husband serves as pastor. She also leads Never Fail Faith Ministries, a...

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