Spiritual Intelligence

The Art of Thinking Like God

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You Have the Mind of Christ and the Spiritual Capacity for Brilliance

Two well-known quotients analyze our mental and emotional capacity: IQ and EQ. But this groundbreaking work suggests that believers are ignoring a deeper dimension of our makeup--our SQ, or spiritual intelligence. Because we have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit, we are capable of divine brilliance--a heightened understanding that aligns our perspective with His and reveals stunning solutions. God not only invites us to operate in this gifting, but He designed us for it!

In this eye-opening new release, pastor and bestselling author Kris Vallotton answers questions such as:

· What are the five dimensions of spiritual intelligence?
· How can I build new neural pathways to supernatural thinking?
· How do I recognize my sphere of influence and the borders of my divine assignment?
· How will an increased capacity for spiritual intelligence transform my life? 
· How do IQ, EQ and SQ work together, and what does it look like to operate wholly in all three?

As you listen to the Holy Spirit and begin to realize what it actually means to think like Christ, you will embark on a life-transforming journey that will have a significant impact on the world around you.

"Kris Vallotton is about to open up a whole new context for measuring our intelligent interactions, intuitions and responses to what heaven is doing on the earth!"--Danny Silk, president, Loving on Purpose

Kris Vallotton
is the senior associate leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Moral Revolution. Kris is also the founder of Bethel School of Technology, chairman of Advance Redding, and founder of Bethel Media. He is a bestselling author, with more than a dozen books and training manuals to help believers discover their identities as sons and daughters of God. He and his wife, Kathy, live in Redding and have four grown children and nine grandchildren. Learn more at www.krisvallotton.com.


"As a neuroscientist and clinician, I believe that God delights in partnering with humanity in bringing scientific breakthrough through divine insight. In Spiritual Intelligence, Kris Vallotton uniquely interweaves principles of science with biblical foundations and practical strategies for partnering with the Holy Spirit in delivering supernatural solutions and wisdom. Prepare to be inspired!"

Karen Garnaas M.D., neurologist, Dignity Health Medical Group, North State Neurology

"Kris Vallotton's latest breakthrough work introduces the reader to the concept that one's spiritual intelligence quotient is determined by the level to which that person understands that the Holy Spirit is speaking continually. Kris implores the reader to learn to think like God by pressing into the mind of Christ. As you read this book, these new concepts will shift, adjust and change your heart and raise your spiritual game!"

Bob Hasson, author, The Business of Honor (with Danny Silk); business consultant; CEO, RM Hasson, Inc.

"With profound insights into the marriage between neuroscience and the invitation to think with the Holy Spirit, Kris Vallotton opens a new reality of spiritual intelligence that moves past our natural realm thinking into divine thinking from heaven's perspective. He places us in position to become agents of change and cultural transformation. Kris's hilarious stories, supernatural exploits and clear, practical guidance will make you hungry to begin your own unique journey into the realm of spiritual intelligence."

Lauren Hasson, founder and director, Lifestreams Ministries

"I've had the privilege of watching the message of this book form in Kris's heart and mind until it brought about God's intended impact on his life. And now it's positioned to change the reader. This book imparts the thrill of divine wisdom as it empowers us with purpose and a sense of destiny while we engage in this unearned partnership with God. It is far beyond our wildest dreams. It is time to stand in our call to manifest the hope-filled mind of Christ to the earth."

Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church; author, The Way of Life, Raising Giant-Killers, The Mind of God and more

"Kris makes me think. And so does this book! He provides helpful perspective, challenging revelation and fresh insight. I have a whole new mindset around being transformed by the renewing of your mind. You'll be a better leader and more able to cultivate a Kingdom worldview in those you lead."

Brad Lomenick, author, The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership; former president, Catalyst

"Spiritual Intelligence leads the reader to experience the mind of Christ--which is supernatural--instead of depending on mere human intelligence alone to figure out how to live victoriously and deal with life's many challenges. Kris uses solid biblical insight and prophetic insight to teach us, in a very practical way, how to discern spiritual realities and discover our true intelligence--which is spiritual plus natural. I strongly recommend this book and am proud of Kris for releasing yet another powerful resource to edify the Church and reach the world for Jesus."

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, King Jesus International Ministry

"Spiritual Intelligence is more than a book. It is a prophetic call to an apostolic mission. The invitation of the Holy Spirit is upon us to release a fresh expression of being the light of the world and a city set on a hill. For too long, the prophetic gifts and graces have been used only for pointing out what is wrong. It's time for the Church, as a spiritual intelligence community, to be part of the solution. Spiritual Intelligence transforms us from having power to living powerfully. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and this book reveals the way to access truth that solves real-life challenges and glorifies the name of our Lord Jesus."

Dan McCollam, founder, Prophetic Company; creator, ACTIVATE prophecy training model; author, Bending Time and more

"In this incredibly hopeful and accessible book, Pastor Kris Vallotton draws insights from the Bible and gives practical examples that are challenging and even awe-inspiring. If you are yearning to go from knowing about God to hearing His voice (and recognizing the counterfeits), Spiritual Intelligence is the book for you."

Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times bestselling author; host, Eric Metaxas Radio Show

"Okay, here is something to be excited about! Kris Vallotton is about to open up a whole new context for measuring our intelligent interactions, intuitions and responses to what heaven is doing on the earth. Kris shows that our five senses act like sensory gathering mechanisms, but in our spiritual capacity. We can feel, think, see, know and hear in such a way that allows us to access God's leading into supernatural ways of life. I highly recommend that you read Spiritual Intelligence and allow God to strengthen you, body, soul and spirit."

Danny Silk, president, Loving on Purpose; author, Keep Your Love On and more

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    Kris Vallotton

    Kris Vallotton (www.krisvallotton.com) is the senior associate leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Moral Revolution. Kris is the founder of Bethel School of Technology, the chairman of...

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