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Western culture has long prized the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as a benchmark of a person's mental abilities. And since the mid-nineties we have known of other forms of intelligence such as emotional and social. Now, prolific author, former pastor, and leadership development specialist Alan E. Nelson introduces "spiritual intelligence"--a person's ability to assimilate faith into everyday life.
Churches and individuals are coming to the conclusion that far too many people are active in church their entire lives but never mature, going directly from Pampers to Depends. How can this be? In Spiritual Intelligence, Nelson will help readers take charge of their spiritual growth by helping them incorporate methods Jesus used in teaching his disciples. Readers will assess their own spiritual maturity and learn what steps to take next in their journey of discipleship.


"Alan Nelson has provided a clear, comprehensive, and biblical road map for the journey of spiritual formation. This guide will help us avoid ditches of extremes on either side of the road and lengthy excursions that yield no worthwhile destinations."--Steve Stroope, pastor, Lakepointe Church, Rockwall, Texas

"Alan Nelson's Spiritual Intelligence begins precisely where any sound treatment of spiritual maturity ought to begin, namely, with an examination of Jesus's own view of the subject. I'm afraid much of what passes for growth and spiritual intelligence in contemporary Christianity resembles what Nelson labels 'faux fruit.' In a world increasingly filled with paid-for experiences, people wishing to truly follow Jesus had better heed the call, embrace these disciplines, and grow in faith, knowing the world offers no better experience."--James H. Gilmore, coauthor, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage

"Why would we not do things the way that Jesus did them? This is the center of Alan Nelson's argument in Spiritual Intelligence. Could multiplying mature disciples as Jesus did work for us as it worked for him?" --Tony and Felicity Dale, coauthors with George Barna of The Rabbit and The Elephant; www.simplechurch.com

"Part science, part art, part journey map, Spiritual Intelligence provides us with a thorough and consistent approach to life following the One we love. A useful tool in the hands of the disciple." --Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways, coauthor of Untamed

"It is amazing that we take the time to plan, set goals, and think through so many things in life, but so often do not have a plan or think through our spiritual growth. Alan Nelson's Spiritual Intelligence is an incredible tool to understand this and have measurable ways of seeing movement in developing toward spiritual maturity." --Dan Kimball, author of They Like Jesus But Not the Church

"In our day of 'Christianity Lite,' when most are looking for just enough spirituality to make us feel good but not necessarily enough to change us, Alan Nelson provides a way through the mess. Spiritual Intelligence invites us on a journey of faith development that follows in the steps of Jesus: getting back to the basic transformational principles that he used to turn fishermen into world changers." --Rick Rusaw, pastor of LifeBridge Christian Church; coauthor of The Externally Focused Church, The Externally Focused Life, and Becoming an Externally Focused Church

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  1. Alan E. Nelson

    Alan E. Nelson

    Alan E. Nelson (EdD) is a leadership development specialist. He was a pastor for more than 20 years and is the author of fourteen books on personal growth and leadership. He is the founder/CEO of KidLead, an organization dedicated to training effective,...

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"[Nelson] asserts that too many Christians in the benches fail to achieve spiritual maturity; he connects personal spiritual development to the lessons that Jesus gave his disciples. Each section includes 'interaction ideas' and activities; the book also features an appendix on applications of the method to the development of an 'SI' (spiritually intelligent) church. . . . Nelson's accessible style, with clear guides and suggestions, should make these chapters useful for both the individual and the church group."--Library Journal