Spiritual Housecleaning, 3rd Edition

Protect Your Home and Family from Spiritual Pollution

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Have you unknowingly given evil access to your home--or even your church?

Demons can enter our homes, businesses and places of worship through "doors" that have been left open--doors of sin, even the sins of previous residents and of past generations! Through this access, these invisible squatters defile the spiritual atmosphere around them, which can cause harm to you, your family, your relationships, your health and even your success.

What doors have you left open?

In this latest edition of Eddie and Alice Smith's bestselling book, you'll learn how to purify your home for God's glory. Offering a seven-step biblical process of purification, the Smiths examine the root causes of a corrupted spiritual atmosphere, expose the enemy's tactics and provide biblical tools for evicting invisible evil tenants. They also offer real-life victory stories from believers who have followed these life-transforming principles.

It's time for some spiritual housecleaning.

If you are suffering from the effects of the enemy's influence, this could be the most important book you will ever read. God is calling you to a new level of peace. Start the journey today by cleansing your heart--and your home.

The Authors

  1. Eddie Smith

    Eddie Smith

    Eddie Smith, cofounder and president of the U.S. Prayer Center (www.usprayercenter.org), equips pastors and intercessors worldwide. He's coauthor of the bestseller Spiritual Housecleaning with his wife, Alice. The Smiths make their home in Houston, Texas.

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  2. Alice Smith

    Alice Smith

    Alice Smith (www.usprayercenter.org) is an internationally known conference speaker and author of five books, including the bestsellers Beyond the Veil and with her husband, Eddie, Spiritual Housecleaning. Alice earned her doctorate of ministry...

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