Soul Care to Save Your Life

How Radical Honesty Leads to Real Healing

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"Manda invites you in and tells the whole truth, and you feel welcomed, seen, and changed. Soul Care to Save Your Life lives up to everything it promises and more."--Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun

Does your life feel like a never-ending performance? The pressure to project an image of perfection comes at the expense of our emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being, leaving us exhausted and unfulfilled.

In Soul Care to Save Your Life, author, speaker, and recovering performer Manda Carpenter offers an invitation to shift your focus from performing to purposeful living from the inside out. In this book, she guides you on a three-part journey to

· identify the habits that are holding you back
· take ownership of your path to growth
· embrace practices of soul care for your well-being

It's time to drop the façade of the picture-perfect life and instead get radically honest in order to embrace the confidence that comes from knowing and loving your whole self--no filter needed.

"This book is a breath of fresh air. Freedom lives within these pages."--Nona Jones, business executive, international speaker, and bestselling author of Success from the Inside Out

"Raw and practical. Anyone who is ready for a future that looks different from your past will find this book catalytic and relevant."--Tim Stevens, executive pastor, Willow Creek Community Church


"Reading Manda's book is much like being Manda's friend: she invites you in and tells the whole truth, and you feel welcomed, seen, and changed. Soul Care to Save Your Life lives up to everything it promises and more."

Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun

"This book is a breath of fresh air for anyone and everyone who is suffocating beneath the weight of private struggles with sin. Manda's transparency and willingness to deal with what we prefer to keep hidden is a gift. Freedom lives within these pages."

Nona Jones, business executive, international speaker, and bestselling author of Success from the Inside Out

"Soul Care to Save Your Life is both raw and practical. The personal stories Manda shares are equal parts uncomfortable and refreshingly honest. I found myself connecting to her stories and looking forward to the soul care practices throughout. Anyone who is ready for a future that looks different from your past will find this book catalytic and relevant."

Tim Stevens, executive pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

"I devoured this book. Somehow, Manda has written a book that is essentially about confession--the ancient Christian practice of being fully known by God and others--in the most fresh, liberating, and page-turning manner. I cannot recommend this book enough but with one wink of a caution: this is not just a book that you read but a book that reads you."

Sharon Hodde Miller, author of Nice

"There's a chapter in this book titled 'Recipe for a Life Well Lived.' Honestly, that's what this entire book will be for you. A recipe to hold tight. A balm for the heavy parts of you. A manual toward a better version of yourself--one that practices soul care while keeping Jesus at the center of it all. This book is every bit as practical as it is prayer-filled, penned by someone who engages in the practice over the preaching. Manda is ready to hold your hand through every part of this journey. Get ready to be changed by the words in this book."

Hannah Brencher, author and TED Talk speaker

"In a world telling us we can find healing all by ourselves in the shallow, square-framed, and re-posted places, my sister Manda Carpenter offers a refreshing alternative: the answer is in the daily downward and self-dying way of the cross. Through refreshingly honest storytelling, she offers us equally refreshing hope. Soul Care to Save Your Life is a devotional life raft that invites us to lean on the trustworthy truth of God, to heal, and to be transformed together."

Ashlee Eiland, colead pastor, Mars Hill Bible Church, and author of Human(Kind)

"Manda Carpenter courageously models how to bare our hearts in broad daylight and helps pave the way to freedom. Hold on to this one with both hands as you step out of hiding and reclaim the wholeness that awaits."

Shannan Martin, author of Start with Hello, The Ministry of Ordinary Places, and Falling Free

"Read this book slowly and with a highlighter. Manda delivers giant truths in gentle ways. Never before have I read a book that offered such incredible vulnerability while mapping out practical steps forward. Do you want meaningful relationships, increased peace, and an abundance of freedom? Then read this book now."

Anjuli Paschall, author of Awake

"Manda's words are raw and honest, taking us into the most unseen parts of her--yet she doesn't leave us there. Her heart turns to invite us into a life of more radical honesty, all while guiding us toward the healing our souls truly need."

Jena Holliday, artist, author, and founder of Spoonful of Faith

"In a world that puts such high value on impression management, Manda's unvarnished truth is not only refreshing but empowering. Soul Care to Save Your Life shows us that rather than hiding and denying even the most complex parts of ourselves, we can embrace the good, bad, and ugly. This is the path to healing, and on this essential journey of caring for ourselves and loving those around us well, her words constantly beckon us to remember that our light still shines even through what we may see as our own darkness."

Patricia A. Taylor, writer, anti-racism educator, and podcaster

"With vulnerability and approachability, Manda bravely goes first, showing us strength comes in naming our weaknesses. By weaving in her own struggles with actionable soul care steps, she gives us all permission to be in-process. She invites us not only to identify our wounds but to heal from them too. Soul Care to Save Your Life embodies the age-old adage 'There, but for the grace of God, go I.' What a gift."

Kayla Craig, author of To Light Their Way

"If you know Manda, this is exactly the book you would expect--brave, honest, useful, and hopeful. But in a world filled with religious performances and half-truths, her book stands out even more. I've had the privilege of seeing firsthand the integrity between the story Manda tells and the life she lives, and I can't wait for readers to experience the same impact I've felt from her life and story. Be careful picking it up--you won't be the same when you're done reading it."

Jason Adam Miller, founder and pastor, South Bend City Church

"Soul Care to Save Your Life is an invitation to pursue God, healing, spiritual growth, and emotional wellness. If you are looking for a vulnerable yet powerful book to start your soul care journey grounded in faith, Carpenter's book is for you."

Terence Lester, founder of Love Beyond Walls and author of When We Stand

"Amanda Carpenter is the real deal. She has a raw and rare gift to cut through all the chaos and confusion in life and take people to the place that matters most--their soul. Amanda is a dear and treasured friend, and I have had the privilege of watching her live out these brave and beautiful words in her life. This book is more than just a gift to anyone looking to find some soul care to save their life; it will help you live a full and flourishing life."

Jeanne Stevens, founding lead pastor, Soul City Church, and author of What's Here Now?

"The subtitle of Amanda Carpenter's new book says it all: radical honesty leads to real healing--and Amanda proves it. With refreshing candor and remarkable insight, Amanda shares her own hard-earned lessons of brokenness and healing while guiding readers along their own unique soul care journey. I didn't realize how much I needed this book. No matter what your story is, I think you'll discover the same is true for you."

Becky Keife, author of The Simple Difference and No Better Mom for the Job

"Amanda has started a revolution of bravery with Soul Care to Save Your Life. She's ripped the Band-Aid off of shame, shone a light on hidden places, and called us all to lives of radical honesty and healing. And not only has she modeled it in this beautiful book but she's given us the practical tools to do the same. A must-read for your healing journey."

Toni J Collier, founder of Broken Crayons Still Color, author, and hope coach

"Amanda is a beautiful storyteller with a gift of vulnerability and honesty. Her powerful stories and authenticity give the reader permission to step into their own ring of radical honesty and uncover deep roots that need both exposure and tender love. Multiple times I found myself in tears, facing the hidden secrets I was still keeping that needed healing. Thank you for this glorious, healing treasure."

Kait Warman, bestselling author, dating coach, and founder of Heart of Dating

"Manda tells her truth in a way that encourages you to share your own just as deeply and openly. She makes words like honesty, raw, and truth positive in a world that considers them uncomfortable, scary, or overly trendy. Soul Care to Save Your Life does more than save your life. It gives life, hope, peace, and balance to living in your own truth."

Tanorria Askew, creative entrepreneur and author of Staples + 5

"I am incredibly grateful to God to not only know Manda as a friend but to see her live out what she has written down here. This book is just like Manda: honest, hopeful, and helpful. What she offers us in this book is not only soul care to save a life . . . but to shape it and form it and transform it into fullness and wholeness in Christ. I simply could not be more proud of my friend and could not be more excited for this book to finally be in your hands!"

Jarrett Stevens, colead pastor of Soul City Church and author of Praying Through, Four Small Words, and The Deity Formerly Known As God

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