Slaying the Giant of Fear

And Releasing the Roar of Breakthrough

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Don't Let Fear Dominate You!

Fear is a giant that shouts at us from the battle lines of our lives--a giant clad in seemingly impenetrable armor. But God has given us supernatural weapons that can silence the taunting voice of fear.

Sharing stories from her own life and the lives of others, author and speaker Krissy Nelson uncovers a powerful truth: As children of God we are made to live fearlessly. Concealed within the familiar story of David and Goliath are three supernatural weapons David used to slay the giant of fear. These weapons are hidden in plain sight for us to discover and learn to use, because what God gave David, He also gives us. Through a fascinating exploration of Scripture, Nelson helps you position yourself to see fear for what it is: a giant that dares defy the army of the living God.

It is time to run boldly toward freedom. You are ready for battle, and you are not alone. God equips you--and fights with you!

"This book will have you roaring like a lion at the first sign of fear--and the devil will run in fear!"--SID ROTH, host, It's Supernatural!

Krissy Nelson
carries a passion to release life and hope into your heart so you can walk in all that you were created for. A published author and TV show host, Krissy and her husband, Donovan, and their two children live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of the United States. Her ministry is located in Pensacola, Florida. Learn more at


"Instead of running away or having a pity party, this book will have you roaring like a lion at the first sign of fear--and then the devil will be running in fear!"

Sid Roth, host, It's Supernatural!

"Slaying the Giant of Fear is a battle cry for the Body of Christ! Giants will be slain, mountains will be moved and breakthrough will come to the readers of this powerful book! It is time to be empowered by the authority you have been given through Jesus. Your strategy to overcome is here!"

Sula Skiles, pastor, author and sex trafficking abolitionist,

"I believe this book! I believe that it is possible to slay the giant of fear! In your hands, you hold a masterfully crafted plan of action on how to do it. I especially love that at the end of each chapter, Krissy Nelson gives us a declaration to help us seal the revelation that we have received. If you rise up to the challenge and walk through the steps that she has laid out for you, I believe the results will exceed your expectations! Get ready to release your roar of breakthrough as you read this awesome book!"

Joshua Mills, bestselling author of Moving in Glory Realms and Seeing Angels,

"Fear can be a bully even with the strongest woman. Slaying the Giant of Fear leads us from our own strength to step into faith that calms and conquers that bully."

Suzanne Eller, bestselling author and co-host of More Than Small Talk podcast

"Wow! What a wonderfully written book! Slaying the Giant of Fear is full of insights that will empower you to remove the giants that intimidate you. Crafted to create a God-confidence in your life, this book will deliver! Read it from cover to cover and hear the heart of a woman who has overcome fear."

Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project

"Krissy Nelson's book Slaying the Giant of Fear is a gift from the heart of God for this new era. It is a sword of revelation given from the Lord to see His people rise up to a place of deep adoration for their God, standing boldly knowing who is with them, who goes before them, who lives in them and whose they are. This book will not only change your life, it will activate you into a new level of bold faith and no toleration for fear. It carries an impartation for deliverance from the stronghold of fear and will plunge you into the depths of His love and ignite within you His spirit of adventure with Jesus, taking you into new lands that are part of your destiny. I not only highly recommend this book to you but also my dear friend Krissy Nelson, who is not only so special to me but also a friend of God."

Lana Vawser, author, speaker and prophetic voice, Lana Vawser Ministries,

"My friend Krissy Nelson has done it again! With the courage of vulnerability and her finely tuned ear to the voice of the Holy Spirit, she guides you step-by-step from anxiety to peace, insecurity to confidence, timidity to bravery. This is your must-have manual for breakthrough!"

Kyle Winkler, author of Silence Satan and creator of the Shut Up Devil! app,

"In this strategic guidebook, Krissy Nelson equips you to walk in your identity and destiny like David did: trained for battle, courageous and full of faith. Krissy overcame fear to be a voice. There are God promises for your life, too. The world needs you, Beloved--it is time to shine!"

Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D., co-founder and executive chairman of the board, Iris Global

"As I write this endorsement, the nations are reeling in the throes of a global pandemic. The look in people's eyes behind their protective face masks is absolutely heartbreaking. They are afraid like they've never been afraid before. Much like Krissy details in her book Slaying the Giant of Fear, you won't escape great opportunities to be afraid. It is what you do with the fear that counts. Krissy's book is an absolutely victorious read. Read it and slay the giant of fear in your life for good."

Jennifer Eivaz, founder, Harvest Ministries International; executive pastor, Harvest Church, Turlock, California; author, Prophetic Secrets and Seeing the Supernatural

"I believe fear is one of the greatest spirits attacking the Body of Christ today. When you read this book, I really believe revelation will come upon you and the lies and torment of fear will be broken off you. Krissy, thank you for boldly addressing a subject that few people have really broken free from. This book will be a light for many generations to follow!"

James B. Levesque, D.D., pastor, Engaging Heaven Churches, New London, West Haven, Connecticut,

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  1. Krissy Nelson

    Krissy Nelson

    Krissy Nelson ( carries a passion to release life and hope into your heart so you can walk in all that you were created for. A published author and TV show host, Krissy and her husband, Donovan, and their two children live on the beautiful...

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