Silent Savior

Daring to Believe He’s Still There

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We've all been there. Knowing on some deeper level that God is present no matter how things look, but still feeling the trickle of doubt. And wondering why the God whose faithfulness is never supposed to fail seems to be turning a giant deaf ear toward us. It's not always like this (thank goodness!), but silent seasons are common in the life of any honest Christian.

In Silent Savior, A. J. Gregory navigates that labyrinth of sorrow, pain, angst, and doubt on the way to a soul-deep recognition of God's infinite faithfulness and perpetual, if sometimes silent, presence. And she encourages readers to keep believing he's there even when that silence seems deafening.


"Many of us tiptoe around the eggshells of the doubts and questions surrounding an intangible God. Gregory doesn't. And after reading this book, hopefully you won't either, but instead rest in a haven of depth and holy wonder."--Chris Seay, author

"In a beautiful and reflective way, Gregory reminds us we don't have to be embarrassed, afraid, or shocked to find the presence of God's silence in our lives. Her book will give those struggling with this issue the sigh of relief they've been hoping for."--Ron Martoia, author

"In her authentically elegant style, Amy Gregory guides us through the reality that faith doesn't mean we will be convinced that God exists or that his apparent silence means he isn't present, but in times of doubt we can have great faith because faith is action, not something we think or feel. In fact, Amy's journey leads us to the revelation that the greater your doubt, the more heroic your faith!"--Daniel L. Tocchini, author of In the Twinkle of an "I" and Loving Out Loud

"If you're looking for a book to move your stagnant faith, to stir the dry bones, and to bring truth to your life, you've got the right book."--Michael Franzese, author of I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse

"If you've been denying the pain, afraid of the questions and weary of the clichés . . . read this book. You'll thank me for recommending it to you."--Steve Brown, author and Key Life teacher

The Author

  1. A. J. Gregory

    A. J. Gregory

    A. J. Gregory is the author of Messy Faith and Silent Savior. She has also partnered with high-profile figures on over thirty-five memoirs and self-help books, some New York Times bestsellers. She lives in New Jersey.

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