She Works His Way

A Practical Guide for Doing What Matters Most in a Get-Things-Done World

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Dear friend,

We know it deeply. It is so hard to juggle work, home, and spiritual life. As working
women, we've wrestled with tough questions:
· How can I be effective in my work, and stay committed to the Gospel?
· How can I be dedicated to my family, when my job is so demanding?
· Why am I working so hard, and still so unfulfilled? 
Sound familiar? Like you, we see a culture that promotes success at all costs, and
working women are falling for it. It's happening every day. Priorities are shifting. Things are getting done . . . but are we doing what matters most?

And that's why we wrote this book. This is the story of how we traded the lies of the
world for the truth of our loving Father--the lessons we learned that challenged culture's
"good things" so we could find the greatest thing.

The book you're holding in your hands is really a conversation--a conversation that
pushes back against our culture with a Gospel-centered approach to work and
womanhood, for the glory of God and the good of others.

Let's get to work. His way.
Michelle + Somer
"This is the book for every working woman!"
--ALLI WORTHINGTON, bestselling author and business coach


"We need Gospel-centered women in business and ministry these days . . . women who will champion us and encourage us, and who will also give us truth. I could not be more grateful for Somer and Michelle, and how they use their voices to do just that. You will love this book, and they will love you through it!"

Jess Connolly, author of You Are the Girl for the Job and Breaking Free from Body Shame

"Michelle and Somer have crafted a book that is compassionate about all the pressures women carry every day as well as foundationally inspiring, calling women to live vibrantly and purposefully with God as their focus. Be inspired and refreshed through this wonderful book and find practical ways forward to order your life."

Sally Clarkson, beloved author, podcaster of At Home With Sally, and best friend of her four adult children

"God has called every woman to do important work in this world. I love the countercultural, Gospel-centered message of She Works His Way, and I know you will too. This is the book for every working woman!"

Alli Worthington, bestselling author, business coach, and entrepreneur

"An excellent, encouraging, Gospel-centric book. The world is waiting in eager expectation for more women to work and live in the way of the Way. Michelle and Somer will show you how."

Jordan Raynor, national bestselling author of Called to Create and Master of One

"Do you know what I love the very most about Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebus? They continually point their community of women back to Jesus and His Word. She Works His Way is no exception. In this book, you will be inspired and challenged to see your work in a whole new way while ultimately encouraged to cling to God first and foremost. Every working woman, whether full-time, part-time, at home, or in ministry, needs the fresh perspective found in these pages!"

Ruth Schwenk, founder of, co-host of Rootlike Faith podcast, and co-author of Settle My Soul

"Do you struggle with getting things done without coming undone, despite every slick hack, clever app, or piece of 'life balance' advice you've tried? Perhaps it is time to stop trying and start trusting instead. Michelle and Somer help you discover the secret to successfully managing the tension between work tasks, home life, and your many relationships. It's not accomplished by frantically bouncing between them all, trying to make them obediently fall in line. It's achieved when you learn how to put Christ at the center of your daily life and allow everything else to fall into place. This practical and biblical resource will empower you to do just that. Highly recommended!"

Karen Ehman, New York Times bestselling author, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker, wife, and mom of five

"Michelle and Somer are, simply put, a great team. They're a trusted voice in a culture where no one really knows who they can trust. We love their hearts and we need their message, especially now! We can't wait to see how God uses this book."

Clayton and Sharie King, co-founders of Crossroads Events and Clayton King Ministries

"In a world riddled with self-help and #girlboss content, I wholeheartedly recommend this book if you're hoping for a guide that clearly articulates how to channel your ambition for the Kingdom--not for yourself. In She Works His Way, Michelle and Somer strike the perfect balance between conviction, compassion, and actionable items--a must read."

Amanda Tress, CEO of FASTer Way to Fat Loss

"In a day and time when hustle is glorified as holy, it is no wonder that as women we find ourselves empty. We've been taught to believe, but no one showed us how to build . . . not from our to-do lists, but from a place of destiny anchored in eternity. In She Works His Way, Michelle and Somer do a brilliant job of walking us through what it means to truly operate in, from, and for the blessing of God. A timely, bold, and beautiful read."

Marshawn Evans Daniels, Godfidence Coach®, TV personality, reinvention strategist for women, and founder of

"In work, it's so easy to drift to the world's way of doing things. The lies are subtle and the expectations are strong. That's why it has been transformative to learn about the She Works His Way approach from Michelle and Somer over the last six years. What a gift to now have that message distilled into this powerful book for all women to read!"

Valerie Woerner, prayer journal creator, owner of Val Marie Paper, and author of Pray Confidently and Consistently

"She Works His Way is a message for such a time as this. Women now more than ever need to be reminded of the power and presence of Jesus, the mission we've been gifted in the kingdom, and the way God works in and through our lives. This book will propel women into a life of holy purpose, keeping what's good and Gospel-centered at the forefront of their lives."

Alexandra Hoover, author, ministry leader, and Bible teacher

The Authors

  1. Michelle Myers
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    Michelle Myers

    Michelle Myers is an author, entrepreneur, and motivator. Michelle launched she works His way to pour God's truth into the lives of women in ministry and business. She is the author of Famous in Heaven & at Home. Michelle lives in North...

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  2. Somer Phoebus

    Somer Phoebus

    Somer Phoebus is a brick-and-mortar business lover, productivity expert, and pastor's wife. She is part of the swHw leadership team. In addition to an early career in fashion and retail, Somer started and sold two fitness studios. Somer lives in...

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