Shaping Your Family's Faith

One Family's Story of Growing Strong Together

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Sometimes parables communicate truths better than any self-help book. Meet the Millstones. Jason and Sarah and their three children are just the sort of Christian folks you'd want for next-door neighbors. Or so it seems. As the story unfolds, the "good" family takes some wrong turns. Petty theft, online affairs, bad lifestyle choices, and troubling attitudes show that things are far from well in the Millstone family. As the pages turn, readers discover practical concepts such as change can be good but is often painful; marriage requires constant maintenance; crisis can be opportunity; actions speak louder than words; and love for your children and spouse means commitment and sacrifice. As they follow the parable of the Millstone family, readers will see these truths illuminated in a fresh new way that will help them strengthen their own marriage and family.

The Authors

  1. Jack Eggar

    Jack Eggar

    Jack EGGAR has guided Awana Clubs International as president/CEO since 1999. Under Jack's leadership, Awana clubs evangelize and disciple more than 1 million young people in more than 14,000 churches and 115 countries in a given week. Besides their...

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  2. Dona Eggar

    Dona Eggar

    Dona Eggar and her husband, Jack, have four children and two grandchildren and know firsthand the challenges and the rewards of raising children to be faithful.

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