Sexy Christians

The Purpose, Power, and Passion of Biblical Intimacy

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"Sexy Christians." The phrase sounds like an oxymoron, but God never intended it to be. Sexual fulfillment is, in fact, God's idea. Yet many Christians seem to think the more spiritual they are, the less sexual they will be, and the more sexual they are, the less spiritual they will be. Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts want to turn this thinking on its head.
Readers will learn why men and women see sex differently, what the greatest aphrodisiac is, and how to avoid the most lethal killer to a great sex life. The authors also explore what men's and women's sexual needs are and why they are so different, what sex is all about from God's perspective, and what the differences are between male and female sexual response cycles. End-of-chapter questions encourage couples to apply the book's principles at home.
Readers and groups can go a step further with the Sexy Christians Workbook. Loaded with additional content, this workbook is designed to challenge couples to explore the rewarding work of intimacy.


"A wonderful and literate book on what this great mystery of sex and the Christian faith have to do with each other. I highly recommend this book."--Dr. John Townsend, speaker; bestselling author, Boundaries

"Ted and Diane Roberts are demolishing myths and cultivating emotional and marital health everywhere! They take the cobwebs out of outdated ideas and debunk contemporary confusion that intrudes upon God's wonderful gift of our sexuality." --Jack W. Hayford, chancellor, The King's College and Seminary; founding pastor, The Church On The Way

"I love this book! It can help any couple see one another better and become more intimate, connected, and happy."--Douglas Weiss, PhD, president, American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy; author, Intimacy: A 100 Day Guide to Lasting Relationships

"Ted and Diane Roberts provide practical tools for healthy emotional and physical intercourse. Their honest sharing of their lives integrates Christian principles and down-to-earth advice. I shall recommend Sexy Christians to our therapists and clients."--Dr. Ralph H. Earle, founder, Psychological Counseling Services (PCS); coauthor, Lonely All the Time, Come Here Go Away, Pornography Trap, and Healing Conversations

The Authors

  1. Dr. Ted Roberts

    Dr. Ted Roberts

    Dr. Ted Roberts is the founder of Pure Desire Ministries International and was the senior pastor of East Hill Church in Gresham, Oregon, from 1984-2007. He is the author of several books including Pure Desire, For Men Only, Living Life...

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  2. Diane Roberts

    Diane Roberts

    Diane Roberts is co-founder and conference speaker for Pure Desires Ministries International. She was women's ministry director/pastor and counselor at East Hill Church for more than twenty years. Author of Betrayed Heart and Accept No Substitutes, and...

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