Sex and the Single Christian Girl

Fighting for Purity in a Rom-Com World

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Can purity survive real-world temptation?

"True love waits"--but what exactly are you waiting for? After all, we're constantly bombarded with Hollywood's idea of romance--that sex is no big deal, that everyone is doing it, that it's the only path to a happy ending. Maybe you've even begun to wonder, What am I missing? Is the wait really worth it?

Marian Jordan Ellis has been there. She knows the pitfalls of giving in to temptation--but also the blessings of God's best found in waiting after she committed herself to Christ and to sexual purity. Now, from one Christian woman to another, she hopes to spare you from the heartache of sexual sin and instead point you toward God's best. Marian offers lots of practical advice, backed by biblical truth, to equip you with the tools to overcome past mistakes and future temptations.

You are cherished. Whether you are happily single, casually dating, or have found "the one," your purity is worth fighting for.


Marian Jordan Ellis befriends all women in their quest to honor God with their bodies, calling them to settle for no less than being cherished, rousing them to live a courageous lifestyle, and pointing them to dependence on the Holy Spirit instead of reliance on self.

Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search

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  1. Marian Jordan Ellis

    Marian Jordan Ellis

    Marian Jordan Ellis ( holds a master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries. She is the author of Sex and the City Uncovered, Wilderness Skills for Women, The...

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I recommend Sex and the Single Christian Girl to any young woman who is struggling with issues of chastity and self worth in this post Christian world. I also recommend it to parents of daughters who want to teach their girls how to live as the beautiful daughters of God that they are.

The most relevant, inspiring, alluring and timely book to emerge from Christian ministry since Captivating. Author Marian Jordan Ellis delivers an impactful yet savvy message to women across the nation about purity and redemption.

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