Seven Transforming Gifts of Menopause

An Unexpected Spiritual Journey

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Menopause is a dramatic but largely overlooked developmental window to the second half of life. Although today's women are more aware of and actively involved in mapping their menopausal journey than generations before, many still do not see menopause as a time of important psychological and spiritual transformation.

This book goes far beyond hot flashes and gets to the very heart of the midlife journey, helping women find their unique voice and speak their truth in an era of #MeToo and #ChurchToo. Coming alongside readers as a wise spiritual guide, pastor and theologian Cheryl Bridges Johns identifies seven key developmental "tasks" of menopause and gives practical ways women can embrace each one. She encourages women to view these tasks as gifts as they experience the remarkable physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation that occurs in this stage of life.

Written in a warm and conversational tone, this book helps women chart a course for the future, leading them to a renewed sense of identity, a more focused vision for life, and a deeper spirituality. Each chapter includes guided questions for personal reflection and study questions for group discussion.

1. Puberty and the Relational Self
2. The Gift of Uncovering
3. The Gift of Anger
4. The Gift of the Authentic Self
5. The Gift of Expanded Time
6. The Gift of Spiritual Freedom
7. The Gift of Vision
8. The Gift of Courage

The Author

  1. Cheryl Bridges Johns
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    Cheryl Bridges Johns

    Cheryl Bridges Johns (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Robert E. Fisher Chair of Spiritual Renewal at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. She has researched the ways human development intersects with spiritual transformation for over three...

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