Serving with Eyes Wide Open, Updated Edition

Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence

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Your passport to learning how short-term missions can best serve Christ’s kingdom

Short-term mission trips are a great way to impact the kingdom. Yet they can lack effectiveness because of mistakes or naiveté on the part of participants. In this insightful book, David A. Livermore calls us to serve with our eyes open to global and cultural realities so we can become more effective cross-cultural ministers. Winner of an Outreach Resource of the Year Award in global outreach from Outreach magazine, Serving with Eyes Wide Open is a must-have book for anyone doing a short-term mission or service project, whether domestic or overseas. Now updated throughout to reflect the changing mission field.


"Every youth worker thinking of leading a short-term trip needs to read this book!"

Mark Oestreicher, partner in the Youth Cartel

"A challenging, well-supported, and carefully crafted tool that will transform your missions and service ministries into opportunities."

Chap Clark, professor of youth, family, and culture, Fuller Theological Seminary; author, Hurt 2.0

"Livermore does a terrific job of looking at the world today, asking stimulating questions about our approach to missions and giving practical insights into cultural intelligence."

Daryl Nuss, executive director, National Network of Youth Ministries

"Livermore draws on his formal training, personal experience, theological insight, and contemporary research to challenge our cultural understanding of short-term mission experiences and their impact on our service and ministry."

Terry Linhart, chair, department of religion and philosophy, Bethel College (Indiana)

"This is a must, not only for church mission committees, but for anyone who participates in short-term--or long-term--missions."

Ruth A. Tucker, author, From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions

The Author

  1. David A. Livermore

    David A. Livermore

    David A. Livermore, PhD, is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of several award-winning books. He is a founder of the Cultural Intelligence Center and professor of global leadership at...

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