Seeing the Supernatural

How to Sense, Discern and Battle in the Spiritual Realm

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Hear and See into the Spiritual Realm!

For many believers, operating in the gifts of the Spirit has become a normal way of life. But there is one often-overlooked, often-misunderstood gift crucial to the well-being of the Church: the gift of discerning spirits. This is the powerful ability of supernatural perception--to hear and see into the spiritual realm. Yet many people who have it wonder if they are crazy.

Jennifer Eivaz, a trusted prophetic voice, has been there, and she offers hope, healing and practical help. Pulling back the veil, she
· lays a biblical foundation for how this gift works
· helps you discern what you are seeing and hearing
· reveals what is happening in the spiritual realm
· provides insight into the demonic, the angelic, and spiritual happenings
· and more.

The enemy is on the move. More than ever, the Church needs people who operate in this powerful gift to expose hidden threats and help lead believers to victory.

"This book will bring you great strength, insight and much encouragement."--Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, God Is Good and The Essential Guide to Healing

"The most easy-to-understand-and-apply book available on the gift of discernment!"--Steve Shultz, founder, The Elijah List

"Jennifer Eivaz dispels the mystery surrounding this gift and releases powerful and practical wisdom that will benefit individuals hungry to hear from God and see His Kingdom established in the earth."--Jane Hamon, author, Dreams and Visions

Jennifer Eivaz is a pastor and international conference speaker with a heart for raising up passionate and effective prayer. She is a regular contributor to Charisma online and The Elijah List and has taught at Bethel School of the Prophets. Jennifer lives with her husband, Ron, and their two children in Turlock, California, where she serves as executive pastor at Harvest Christian Center.


"Jennifer Eivaz is known for passion, strong prophetic insights, and an absolute devotion to Jesus. She is one of the more trusted servants of the Lord to all who know her, myself included. I'm certain that her latest book, Seeing the Supernatural, will bring you great strength, insight and much encouragement."

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, God Is Good

"It's finally here! In Seeing the Supernatural, Jennifer Eivaz has written the most easy-to-understand-and-apply book available in the gift of discernment! Jennifer has filled her book with true, real-life stories of both successes and failures when using the gift of discernment. It is God's rule into and through His Church. Get a copy for yourself and one for a friend!"

Steve Shultz, founder, The Elijah List

"Discerning of Spirits is one of the most misunderstood gifts the Holy Spirit. Most believers have no idea what to do with what they see, so many either do the wrong thing or do nothing at all, resulting in shutting down and rejecting this gift from God, which is so vitally needed today. Jennifer Eivaz dispels the mystery surrounding this gift and releases powerful and practical wisdom."

Jane Hamon, apostle, Vision Church @ Christian International

"This is a now-time book for the Body of Christ. Jennifer Eivaz is one of the voices in this generation equipping the Body of Christ and moving them into action. It will confirm things you have been experiencing and take you to a whole new level of insight, growth and wisdom. Great job, Jennifer Eivaz."

Pasqual Urrabazo, executive pastor, International Church of Las Vegas

"Seeing the Supernatural is a wealth of insight and a timely resource. Through her practical stories, wisdom and keys of application, Jennifer Eivaz teaches how to steward and understand this powerful gifting. This book provides a safe place for the reader to process and reflect upon the depth of truth and revelation through the questions at the end of each chapter. A wonderful resource!"

Lana Vawser, international speaker, prophetic voice and author; Lana Vawser Ministries

"In a world of increasing spiritual confusion, the Church must awaken from a complacent mindset. Jennifer's book Seeing the Supernatural pulls the curtain back on subjects that have been stigmatized or too uncomfortable to address. There is no more relevant time to be discerning of spirits than now and in the coming days!"

Brenda Crouch, speaker, author and singer; Brenda Crouch Ministries

"I believe it is critical for the Body of Christ to embrace the prophetic gifting, especially the gift of discerning spirits. One of the teachings in Seeing the Supernatural that blessed me is the guidance on how to discern a Jezebel spirit operating through a person. Jennifer explains how to dismantle the spirit's powers, enabling the person to go forward in fulfilling their destiny. Jennifer gives powerful nuggets of truth with practical explanatory teaching. This book has been written for a time such as this to enrich the Church for today."

Adam F. Thompson, author, The Supernatural Man; Voice of Fire,

"It is with great joy that I am able to endorse Prophetess Jennifer Eviaz's new book on a much-needed gift of the Spirit. Discerning of spirits is key because all interactions and activities pertaining to our human experience emanate from the spirit realm. God is a Spirit, man is a spirit and demons are spirits, hence the need for each believer to covet this gift. Prophetess Jennifer once again, with real-life experience, has given us a practical tool of empowerment that I highly recommend to all."

Sarah Morgan, vice president and cofounder, Vision International Ministries, Los Angeles

"Fighting blind has nearly cost us a nation. Without eyes to see, we have been forced on the defensive. That is why we are constantly retaking the same ground instead of advancing. Here is a training manual to help end all of that and regain our rightful advantage as the people of God."

Mario Murillo, Mario Murillo Ministry

"Jennifer Eivaz has written a brilliant book. Seeing the Supernatural is an insightful and timely resource that should be in the hands of every passionate believer. This book will sharpen your gift of discernment in your journey of the supernatural. Thank you, Jennifer!"

Denise Goulet, pastor, International Church of Las Vegas

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