See the Good

Finding Grace, Gratitude, and Optimism in Every Day

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Do you think the world is getting better or worse?

Is it becoming easier or harder to be a Christian?

So many of us fear where things are headed in the culture, the church, and our own lives. But did you know the world is getting better in countless ways? (No, that is not a typo!) What could change if we focused on the good?

After almost losing his mother to cancer and wrestling with his own faith, Zach Windahl learned to take whatever life threw at him and chose to be joyful. With vibrant and inspiring storytelling, See the Good will show you not only how but why you should focus on the positive and see the extraordinary in everything around you.

Life is hard--there's no denying that. But choosing to put our focus on the good leads to the profound benefits that come from seeing life as an amazing gift from the One who loves us best.

The Author

  1. Zach Windahl

    Zach Windahl

    Author and entrepreneur Zach Windahl has helped hundreds of thousands of people better understand the Bible and grow closer to God. He is the founder of The Brand Sunday and the author of several books, including The Bible Study for Kids, The New...

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