Seasons of Bliss

series: Saskatchewan Saga

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A shock so great Tierney can hardly believe it: Robbie Dunbar standing right before her eyes!

§ Tierney Caulder. Tierney can hardly take it in, the sight of her beloved Robbie Dunbar when she thought she would never see him again. But before she can say "happily ever after," Tierney learns a stunning truth that pierces her short-lived joy.

§ Robbie Dunbar. Robbie has entered into an agreement with the widow Alice Hoy, whose property borders his own. The woman is dying, and he agrees to raise her two little boys as his own and assume ownership of her land. Now the love of his life has appeared, but his arrangement threatens to keep them apart for good.

§ Molly Morrison. Beloved by her family and the citizens of Bliss, Molly is practically engaged to Parker Jones, the town's dedicated parson. Or is she? All of Bliss assumes an announcement of marriage is forthcoming, but lately the young reverend seems mighty preoccupied-with another woman.

Robbie and Tierney's love seems doomed. Molly and Parker have hit rough waters. What will they discover about themselves, each other, and faith as they encounter the ever-fascinating, always changing Seasons of Bliss?

The Author

  1. Ruth Glover

    Ruth Glover

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