Sea to Shining Sea, Repackaged Edition

series: Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister, The

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The dawning of 1860 brings rising tensions between the North and South that threaten to escalate into full-scale war. Corrie Belle Hollister finds herself thrust into the political arena with her new reputation as "California's woman reporter." Handsome political aide Cal Burton approaches Corrie to convince her that Lincoln--even the nation itself--depends upon the influence she can wield through her writing and speaking.

Corrie is resolute in her belief that slavery is wrong, and that she should do what she can to help Lincoln get elected, but mounting conflict within the Hollister family makes her realize that taking a stand sometimes goes deeper than drawing a political line.

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  1. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips is a bestselling author who has penned more than seventy books, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition, he has served as editor/redactor of nearly thirty more books. Over the past thirty years, his persistent efforts have helped reawaken...

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