Sarah's Secret

series: Ally O’Connor Adventures

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"Sarah, you're going to compete with us, aren't you?" Ally asked.

"I . . . don't know, . . ." Sarah said, her voice trailing off.

"You're the best one on the team, Sarah. We need you for the meets."

"I said I don't know." Sarah's jaw was set. Ally laid her hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Did your dad say you couldn't do it?"

Sarah bit her lip and didn't respond right away. Then she sighed. "Yeah . . . "

Sarah Matthews is the new girl in town. She's also the most talented performer in Ally O'Connor's gymnastics class-and the team's best hope for winning at competition. As Nick, Molly, Ally, and John begin to build a friendship with Sarah, they discover there are serious problems in her home.

Controlling and abusive, Mr. Matthews seems to care only about his thoroughbred horse, Colonel, and that Sarah gets her chores done. When he forbids Sarah to compete as a gymnast, Ally and friends come up with a plan to change his mind. Things begin to improve with the help of Coach James, until Mr. Matthews loses control. With her and her mother's life at risk, will Sarah have the courage to tell the truth?

The Author

  1. Mark Littleton

    Mark Littleton

    Mark Littleton and Jeanette Littleton have authored more than 90 books and 5,000 articles, interviews, devotionals, and poems. Mark holds degrees from Colgate University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Jeanette has worked as an editor for a number of...

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