Rorey's Secret

A Novel

series: Country Road Chronicles

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The Worthams and Hammonds are as close as two families could be, sharing almost everything on their Depression-era Illinois farms. So when a raging fire breaks out and threatens to destroy the Hammond farm, both families are affected by the tragedy. But how did the fire start? Several of the kids know the truth, but no one is talking. As the families try to overcome aching loss, misplaced blame, troubled relationships, and an upsetting secret, they once again find themselves clinging desperately to their trust in God.

In this compelling tale of faith, hardship, and community, acclaimed author Leisha Kelly continues the much-loved story of the Wortham family, who with courage and determination discover the power of forgiveness to restore and heal.

The Author

  1. Leisha Kelly

    Leisha Kelly

    L. A. Kelly is better known to her historical fiction fans as Leisha Kelly. Prior to her untimely death in 2011, Leisha was the author of several bestselling historical fiction books, including Julia's Hope, Emma's Gift, and Katie's Dream....

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"The storyline is exciting as readers observe varying viewpoints. Americana Historical Christian readers will enjoy this fine tale of salvation after a brutal test of fire."--The Midwest Book Review

"An emotionally moving story about faith, hard choices, and the healing power of forgiveness."--Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Kelly continues turning out Christian novels with strong characterizations about the Hammond and Wortham families. Readers will appreciate the Worthams' story."--The Historical Novels Review