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Even with the increase of methods and classes, effective life change resulting from the teaching of Christian truth seems to be on the decline. Seeking to stem this trend, Gregory Carlson looks at the distinctive model of the Master Teacher, Jesus, in Rock-Solid Teacher. This exciting new resource uses the distinctive model of Jesus' teaching to establish sound teaching principles and then practically apply them to impact children, youth, and adults. Teachers of all ages will gain confidence in their personal teaching abilities by being able to recognize good teaching practices, evaluate their own skills, mentor others, enhance their own ability to write lessons, and mirror Jesus' sound teaching principles.

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  1. Gregory C. Carlson

    Gregory C. Carlson

    GREGORY C. CARLSON, PhD, is the director of global training, Awana and director of the Rorheim Institute for the Awana Adult Discipleship Training Network. Carlson is also founder and associate instructor of Teaching Like the Master and is a trainer in...

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