Return to Alastair

A Novel

series: Tahn Saga, The

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Once a feared mercenary, Tahn Dorn has abandoned his old ways and is building a new life. But his heart is still heavy.

Haunted by confusing dreams and uncertain of his growing attraction to Netta Trilett, Tahn knows he must come to terms with his past before he can look to the future. And that means returning to his birthplace of Alastair--a journey he knows will not be easy. And so begins Tahn's search for truth, where he encounters old adversaries, deadly threats, a long-lost sister, and the distrust of an entire town.

Return to Alastair is the continuing tale of an unlikely hero who must learn the power of forgiving others--and forgiving himself--in order to accept the love of a good lady.

The Author

  1. L. A. Kelly

    L. A. Kelly

    L. A. Kelly is better known to her historical fiction fans as Leisha Kelly. Prior to her untimely death in 2011, Leisha was the author of several bestselling historical fiction books, including Julia's Hope, Emma's Gift, and Katie's Dream....

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Kelly, known more for her family stories (Julia's Hope; Emma's Gift; Rorey's Secret) under the name of Leisha Kelly, continues her foray into medieval fantasy with the follow up to Tahn. Former mercenary Tahn Dorn has changed his ways and made peace with God. But Tahn's past will not be left behind so easily as he must face old enemies and the distrust of the townspeople."--Library Journal

"An exciting romantic fantasy. There is so much action and fantastic character development that readers will hope for a future Return to Alastair."--The Midwest Book Review

"The breathless plunge from adventure to adventure presented in the first book continues in this second book, Return to Alastair. This is a good read, whether read for adventure or Christian growth, or both."--Christian Book

"Excellent storytelling and character development by the author. L.A. Kelly had me glued from start to finish. Return to Alastair adds to Kelly's repertoire nicely from a creative body of work standpoint."--Infuze magazine