Rethinking the Church, Revised and Expanded Edition

A Challenge to Creative Redesign in an Age of Transition

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Why is it important to rethink the church? Today many leaders focus on how their ministries can be run more efficiently. But the foundational question, according to James Emery White, should be Why do we have this ministry? and then, Why do we do this ministry the way we do? Is it effective?

Rethinking the Church helps pastors and lay leaders work through questions that must be answered if a church is to rethink evangelism, discipleship, ministry, worship, community, and the structure of the church. Break old molds, check assumptions, and be sensitive, says White. He uses the language and aims of "seeker-targeted" churches but urges readers not to tie themselves to any model without understanding the individual purpose of their church.

Now thoroughly revised and expanded, Rethinking the Church contains more emphasis and key material on how to move from rethinking to transition. White blends biblical reflection and hands-on experience and uses the early church as described in the Book of Acts as the ultimate example.


"This book is a rich blend of thoughtful, biblical reflection and hands-on experience. It will make an enormous contribution to the lives of those who believe that the local church is the hope of the world."--Bill Hybels, senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

"Jim White has done it again. I heartily recommend this book."--Rick Warren, senior pastor, Saddleback Valley Community Church

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  1. James Emery White

    James Emery White

    James Emery White, PhD, is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church, a suburban megachurch in Charlotte, North Carolina, often cited as one of the fastest-growing church starts in the United States. Former president of Gordon-Conwell...

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