Transforming the Sting of Your Past into Purpose for Today

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Imagine a world in which every person's pain makes them better not bitter, kind rather than angry, and selfless instead of greedy and insecure. There is messiness in each of our stories, but we can use that mess intentionally to craft a life that points to God and proclaims his glory.

In Restored, prominent pastor and speaker Chris Brown recounts some of the extraordinary tragedies and trials he has experienced, including homelessness, violence, abuse, drugs, and the loss of loved ones. Reflecting on these difficult times in his own story, Chris shares his hard-won countercultural perspective on pain, offering practical tips to inspire those of us who feel disqualified or discouraged by our circumstances.

No matter how messy it was, our past is a gift because it paves the way for us to develop the unique Christ-honoring message the world needs us to share.


"Chris Brown's story is one of disappointment, poverty, heartbreak, and pain. But through it all, he found hope and restoration in Jesus and is living proof that your past doesn't define who you can become. If you or someone you know has lost hope, this book has the power to help you become restored."

Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life.Church and New York Times bestselling author

"Telling our story gives others permission to enter and read the pages of our heart. Chris Brown has done exactly that. From his acknowledgments to his afterword, not only will you be welcomed in like a trusted friend; you will be stirred toward possible change in the hurtful places of your own history. Restored is full of healing insights and hopeful instructions. Wrap up in this vulnerable offering and experience God at work."

Patsy Clairmont, speaker, author, and coach

"None of us get to choose what kind of upbringing we'll have, but we do get to choose what we do with it. Chris chose to face his painful past and allow God to restore what was broken. This isn't just an encouraging example; this is hope for us all!"

Dave Ramsey, bestselling author and radio host

"There is no gold in pain and trauma, but there is something in our pain and trauma that can be turned into gold. Chris Brown gets this concept. If you have pain in your past, you'll find a guide to redeem that pain in this book."

Donald Miller, bestselling author of Building a StoryBrand and CEO of StoryBrand

"I have watched Chris's inspiring ministry journey for years and have always appreciated how he connects with others with genuine authenticity and wisdom while also faithfully leading his family with love and integrity. I continue to be touched by his eternal perspective about all the unfortunate and even tragic events from his past. There is no doubt that Restored will not only inspire you but also equip you and encourage you."

Darryl Strawberry, evangelist and four-time World Series champion

"Chris Brown had my attention with the title of this book! Restoration is a desire of every human being on the planet (well, the ones who are honest!). Restoration to Jesus and others is the only path to peace worth pursuing. And while a lot of people may say this is true, Chris doesn't just dive into theological and philosophical rabbit holes but rather, through storytelling and biblical application, shows practical ways for anyone (no matter where they are in their spiritual journey) to begin their journey to restoration."

Perry Noble, senior pastor at Second Chance Church

"Chris's vulnerability in sharing his story, and the lessons learned from it, paint an amazing picture of how God can breathe hope into any situation. Chris's approach looks beyond the pain of his past to the hope and victory in Jesus and encourages us to do the same."

J. Todd Mullins, senior pastor at Christ Fellowship Church

"This book is more than a compilation of pages filled with information; it's actually a blueprint for transformation. Chris masterfully uses parts of his life as a picture of possibility for ours. He shows us that although there may be seasons when our life seems to be in ruins, it doesn't have to ruin us. Why settle for ruins when we can be restored?"

Dr. Dharius Daniels, lead pastor at Change Church and author of Relational Intelligence

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    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is a highly sought-after pastor, speaker, radio personality, and church leadership expert with more than twenty years of ministry and financial experience. He worked alongside Dave Ramsey for years and was the nationally syndicated radio host for...

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