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Every leader functions on two stages--the front stage and the back stage. The front stage is the public world of leadership. The back stage is the private world of the leader. There are many resources to help you succeed on the front stage. But who is talking to you about you and your backstage life?

In a caring, encouraging tone, Replenish shows you how to

If you ever feel alone, in over your head, or simply in need of replenishment, this book will offer welcome relief and a healthy way forward.


"Lance Witt understands both the dynamics of church ministry and the interior landscape of the soul. . . . In Replenish, he has written wise counsel, in highly readable chunks, that addresses directly and transparently those parasites that will seek to feed on a church leader's spirit."--John Ortberg, author of The Me I Want to Be

"Like many in ministry, I've found myself drowning in techniques and tools to the neglect of my soul. It doesn't matter how you got there; it matters how you get out. Now Lance Witt has thrown you a life preserver with a perfect toss. Grab on and let him pull you back to Jesus, the only one who can replenish your soul and power your ministry."--Will Mancini, author of Church Unique; founder of Auxano

"Replenish is a must-read for everyone serving in ministry. Lance not only challenges the reader to lead from a spiritually healthy place but also gives tangible steps to cultivating the healthy soul we all long for. I found myself reading through the chapters slowly, allowing the words to both minister to and challenge me. I will be taking our entire church staff through this book. In ministry it's easy to work so hard for God that we miss the work God wants to do in us. Lance's book is a call back to the spiritual health and order that we know we've been created for."--Todd Mullins, executive pastor, Christ Fellowship, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Lance does a tremendous job of reminding us what is most important in life and ministry and calling us back to practices that restore our souls. Only from a full life and heart can we make our greatest impact for God and others. I'm thankful for Lance, who shows the way."--Jud Wilhite, senior pastor, Central Christian Church, Las Vegas; author, Eyes Wide Open

"This book is written by a wise and seasoned fellow traveler who speaks with authority, insight, and compassion about our greatest need as leaders . . . a healthy soul. I have been privileged to watch, listen, and learn from Lance Witt as he has helped me replenish my soul. I think every leader should read this book at least once a year to recalibrate what we do with how and why we do it. 'For what does it profit a pastor if he grows a big ministry and loses his soul?'"--Chip Ingram, senior pastor, Venture Christian Church; president, Living on the Edge Ministries

"Unfortunately, it's possible to grow your ministry and poison your soul at the same time. Lance Witt has spent more than twenty-five years in the local church and understands the dangers of ministry. Replenish not only identifies soul toxins but also offers a prescription for health. This is a must-read for those who want to be well, not just do well."--Tony Morgan, pastor, author, consultant

"I trust Lance Witt with all my heart. Why? Because he knows how to reach into the heart of a leader and guide him/her to spiritual health. He has done that for me. Lance knows Jesus, understands people, and has unusual insight into the issues facing ministry leaders. Replenish should be mandatory reading for all leaders; it's a book that will care for your soul and lead you to a place of greater health."--Doug Fields, speaker, author, pastor, founder of Simply Youth Ministry

"There is no place more lonely in the world than in leadership. It brings great rewards but also great challenges to the heart of a leader. Lance Witt has written a pivotal book for the spiritual, social, and mental health of a leader. Being replenished is such an important issue in today's church. I encourage you to read this book, pray over this book, and apply its principles in your life to ensure that you are the leader God intended you to be."--Jonathan Falwell, pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia

"Lance Witt is a pastor to pastors. I've personally benefited from his wisdom and so have those pastors in my coaching networks. Now he has made that wisdom available to us all in this highly anticipated book. If you are a pastor, get this book and let it feed your soul. If you know a pastor, honor him with the gift of this book."--Nelson Searcy, lead pastor, The Journey Church of the City; founder,

"Replenish challenges church leaders not only to lead others well but also to take a hard look at their own spiritual health. With practical steps for detoxing your soul, sustaining a lifetime of spiritual health, and leading your ministry team, Lance Witt has provided leaders with a useful tool to use both individually and within their team."--Ed Stetzer, coauthor of Transformational Church

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    Lance Witt

    Lance Witt is the founder of Replenish ministries, the author of Replenish the book, and is often referred to as a pastor's pastor. Before launching Replenish, Lance served twenty years as a senior pastor and six years as an executive/teaching pastor at...

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